Road & Track 1996 - Abstracts

Road & Track 1996
1953 Fiat 8V Berlinetta.AutomobilesJonathan Thompson
1973 Porsche 917/30. (automobile)(includes related articles on development of the 917/30 and Canadian-American Challenge Cup Series cars)AutomobilesJoe Rusz, Brian Redman
1997 Ford Expedition.(sport-utility vehicle)(Evaluation)AutomobilesRon Sessions
8 great racing engines that shook the earth.(automobile engines)AutomobilesPaul Van Valkenburgh
Acura SLX: Honda's upmarket arm offers a super Trooper.(Not Quite Cars)(Evaluation)AutomobilesCharles Everitt
A Hill of a driver: learning the ropes in the Skip Barber Dodge Pro Series.AutomobilesPhil Hill, Derek John Hill
A new Daytona rising: Ferrari readies the front-engine/V-12 heir to the Testarossa: the 1998 F555.(Cover Story)Automobiles 
Fast & furious: 1995 Indy Car Review.(includes related 1995 Indy Car final standings)AutomobilesSam Posey
Gurney's new Toy(ota).(Dan Gurney)(About the Sport)Automobiles 
It ain't over till.... (1996 PPG/Indy Car World Series)Automobiles 
Maserati's intricate masterpiece. (1960 2.0-liter Type 60 Birdcage Maserati racing car)AutomobilesBob Akin
Mazda Miata M Coupe.(sports car)(includes articles on its styling, plans for the next Miata and Ford Motor Co.'s international marketing plans for Mazda cars)(Cover Story)AutomobilesKen Zino, Sam Mitani, Peter Brock
Mercury Mountaineer.(Evaluation)AutomobilesRon Sessions
Oldsmobile LSS: an all-around sporting sedan.(Evaluation)AutomobilesGordon Scott
Panis beats the odds. (1996 Monaco Grand Prix winner Olivier Panis)Automobiles 
Power to Z people! Our readers vote for Nissan.(response to survey about Nissan Z-car design)AutomobilesOtis Meyer
Push comes to shove: the Indy-Car civil war. (Indy Racing League)(includes related article on Indy 200 at Disney World, Florida)AutomobilesTed West
Reformulated gasolines: do they mean cleaner air? Or just bigger puddles of gasoline on your garage floor?AutomobilesDennis Siminaitis
RetroMobile: an enthusiast's dream come true - swap meet French style!(Illustration)AutomobilesAllan Rosenberg
Stirling chats: Monterey Historic Automobile Races.(includes related race descriptions from two other drivers)AutomobilesStirling Moss, Brian Howlett, Dean Watts
Villeneuve's first. (1996 European Grand Prix winner Jacques Villeneuve)Automobiles 
When the war was cold and the car had hubcaps: cars are chapters of our lives.AutomobilesEd Serotta
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