Road & Track 1998 Joe Rusz - Abstracts

Road & Track 1998 Joe Rusz
1955 Porsche 356 Continental.(Evaluation)AutomobilesJoe Rusz
1960 A.J. Watson Indy roadster. (racing car)AutomobilesJoe Rusz
1998: year of the rookie. (competitors in the Winston Cup of 1998)AutomobilesJoe Rusz
1999 BMW M coupe.(Evaluation)AutomobilesJoe Rusz
1999 Lexus RX 300. (sports-utility vehicle)(Evaluation)AutomobilesJoe Rusz
1999 Mercedes-Benz SLK 230 Sport.(Evaluation)AutomobilesJoe Rusz
24 Hours of Daytona. (Team MOMO's victory at the 1997 car racing competition)(Column)AutomobilesJoe Rusz
Any player can win. (1998 CART/FedEx Championship Series)AutomobilesJoe Rusz
A program that travels. (Street Atlas USA CD ROM) (Software Review)(Evaluation)AutomobilesJoe Rusz
CART: say goodbye to Mister Donut. (racing driver Alex Zanardi plans to leave Championship Auto Racing Teams)AutomobilesJoe Rusz
FIA World Rally Championship: as the world (rally championship) turns. (automobile racing)AutomobilesJoe Rusz
Like old times. (1998 FIA GT Championship in car racing)AutomobilesJoe Rusz
Mercedes CLK-GTR: lose weight fast!AutomobilesJoe Rusz
Moore and Zanardi make it quite a party. (automobile racing driver Greg Moore and Alex Zanardi)AutomobilesJoe Rusz
Moving target. (automobile races)(About the Sport)AutomobilesJoe Rusz
NASCAR Daytona 500. (Dale Earnhardt's victory at the 1997 National Assn. Stock Car Auto Racing competition)(Column)AutomobilesJoe Rusz
New Viper ACR: street legal, race ready. (race car)AutomobilesJoe Rusz
Show & tell. (preparations for the Indiana 500 racing)AutomobilesJoe Rusz
The more things change.... (sports cars)AutomobilesJoe Rusz
Victory to the Swift (and Michael too). (Michael Andretti's victory at 1998 Marlboro Grand Prix automobile race aboard Swift-Ford Cosworth)AutomobilesJoe Rusz
Zanardi and Vasser win one for the Chipper. (automobile racing drivers Alex Zanardi and Jimmy Vasser)AutomobilesJoe Rusz
Zanardi's second, Herta's first.(Alex Zanardi and Bryan Herta during the 1998 CART event)(Abstract)AutomobilesJoe Rusz
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