Shape 1996 Catherine McEvily Harris - Abstracts

Shape 1996 Catherine McEvily Harris
Dealing with relapse (a success story special report). (weight loss)(includes related information on weight maintenance)Women's issues/gender studiesCatherine McEvily Harris
Gloria's destiny: powerful and inspirational, this unflappable star keeps reaching for life's challenges. (singer Gloria Estefan)(includes related article on Estefan's workout program)(Cover Story)(Interview)Women's issues/gender studiesCatherine McEvily Harris
Outta sight: your inner fitness log. (fitness journal)(includes related articles on food choices and exercise)Women's issues/gender studiesCatherine McEvily Harris, Mitch Gaylord
The ultimate success story. (author Oprah Winfrey)(Interview)Women's issues/gender studiesCatherine McEvily Harris
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