ADWEEK Southwest - Abstracts

ADWEEK Southwest
accounts in review/2.(Statistical Data Included)Business, generalJensen, Trevor
ACCOUNTS IN REVIEW.(companies reviewing advertising agency accounts)(tabular data only)Business, general 
Adding up sliding fees in state tourism billings.(allegations that Houston Effler Herstek Favat overcharges Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism)Business, generalGianatasio, David
Atlantans Remain In $150 Mil. Review For Glaxo's Media.Business, generalMcMains, Andrew, Osterman, Jim
Big Lender on the Loose.Business, generalFest, Glen
Boat Builder Likes Landlubber.Business, generalSiebert, T.W.
Bozell Names New Top N.Y. Creative.Business, general 
Burnett Capitalizes.(moves Southwest headquarters to Austin in order to locate near high technology)(centers)Business, generalFest, Glen
Cole Looks for Online Reaction.Business, general 
DESTINED FOR GRAPENESS.(design agency accepts 300 bottles of wine from client)Business, generalFest, Glen
FlashNet Picks Richards.Business, generalFest, Glen
Fox Vowing to Get in Net Game By Leveraging TV Division.Business, generalWarner, Bernhard
FREE TIME, WITH A CATCH.Business, generalDini, Justin
Free to Be.Business, generalParpis, Eleftheria
George Arnold Calls It a Career.Business, generalFest, Glen
Heart Association Exercise Online.Business, generalMand, Adrienne
Homeland Is `Working Harder'.Business, generalFest, Glen
IBM Close to Naming New Roster of Interactive Shops.Business, generalMand, Adrienne
Incumbent Won't Play for Lottery.(GSD&M abandons Texas State Lottery account)Business, generalFest, Glen
Louisiana Casinos polish Image.(million-dollar ad campaign with Bernard and Jurisich)Business, generalPlume, Janet
Mavs Have Agency but No Game.Business, generalFest, Glen Upgrades with New-Look Car and Travel Sites.Business, generalKuchinskas, Susan
Ogilvy Recruitment Effort Embraces the Great Outdoors.Business, generalKuchinskas, Susan
Presents From Penney.Business, generalKrajewski, Steve
Quaker Hopes Flavor Makes the Rice, Corn Cakes.Business, generalThompson, Stephanie
Revolution in Cincinnati.Business, generalKim, Hank
Richards Presents Niki With Nokia In Fashion Pages.Business, generalElkin, Tobi
SMOKING IN THE BOYS' ROOM.Business, generalFromm, Emily, Edwards, Jim
Sonoco's Choice: Price/McNabb.Business, generalSiebert, T.W.
St. Joe's to Name Outside Specialist.Business, generalSiebert, T.W.
Sum of the parts adds up: boutiques, media mavens, designers, PR pros as one.(industry trend to provide full-service advertising agencies)Business, generalFurchgott, Roy
Tax Watchdogs Suspend Vigil In Texas for '99.(TCAMP lobbying group)Business, generalFest, Glen
Temerlin, TN Media Share Nortel.Business, generalWarner, Judy, Krajewski, Steve
Third Dell Contender Arrives.(Bronnercom)(Brief Article)Business, generalIrwin, Tanya, Gianatasio, Dave
Trio Makes the Cut for Gillette.Business, generalKrajewski, Steve
Web Ratings Companies' Union May End Online Traffic Gridlock.Business, generalMand, Adrienne
Will Global Economic Crisis the Net Along with It?Business, generalWarner, Bernhard
ZapMe Beams Into Classrooms.Business, generalKuchinskas, Susan
Zim Meets Serquest's Challenge.(startup pharmaceutical subsidiary Serquest hires Zimmerman Group)Business, generalSiebert, T.W.
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