American Import-Export Bulletin - Abstracts

American Import-Export Bulletin
Air freight: the answer for the small shipper.Business, generalGillies, Bernard A.
Containerization: 25 years of progress.Business, general 
Evolution of 807 is a boon to importers. (tariff schedules)Business, generalLeeds, Bruce H., Johansen, W. Edward
Foreign-trade zones will come of age in the '80s.Business, generalMiller, Marshall V.
Mexico: Trading across the border by rail.Business, general 
Moving the goods - transportation is the key. (Canada)Business, general 
Profiles of the Great Lakes ports.Business, general 
Profiles of the Gulf Coast ports.Business, general 
Rising in the West: port profits, prestige.Business, generalMajor, Mike
The dawning of a new era in trade jurisprudence.Business, generalSerko, David
Trade center services international trader.Business, general 
Two customs brokers talk about Canada.Business, general 
World market trends & tides. (export coal prospectus)Business, generalMajor, Mike
World trade profile. (Alan T. Johnson)Business, general 
World trade profile. (Shmuel Ben Tovim)Business, general 
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