American Import-Export Management - Abstracts

American Import-Export Management
17 of America's foremost foreign freight forwarders.Business, general 
1982 directory, major American banks doing business overseas.Business, general 
1983 digest of decisions on the marking of imports.Business, general 
26th annual Great Lakes-Seaway survey.Business, generalDuprey, Dan, Sweeney, Mark, Pugh, James D., Schieber, Larry, Cortes, Bill, Seefeldt, John A., Hartung, James H., Hoffman, Roy F., Fornell, Eric O., Logan, Nora, Rosenthal, Joseph G., Bokla, W., Frost, James D.
7th annual directory of custom house brokers.Business, general 
Air cargo '82; state of the art.Business, generalKratochvil, David F., Schott, Robert J., Sells, Richardson, Eichhorst, Bert, Cesped, jim, Hansen, Barry L.
Air cargo can! Squeezed domestically, carriers worldwide are forced to devise new strategies, markets and services for overseas lifts.Business, generalWerner, Tom
Brazil is aiming for a US$6 billion trade surplus this year - a modest 9.5 percent increase in exports. Can they Make it?Business, generalLupton, Richard B.
Consider these risks! (international cash flows)Business, generalKemp, Donald S.
Davis at Massport; "Development is the key to our '80s maritime strategy." (Port Profiles: Boston)Business, general 
Far East '82. (business forecast)Business, generalLayman, Thomas A.
Far East '84: a formidable magnet for the export oriented.Business, generalHolden, Alfred C.
Florida: port rich & profit primed.Business, general 
Florida ports - diversifying on all fronts.Business, general 
International transportation services. (forwarding and customs brokerage)Business, generalCasey, William R.
Korea: land of surprising export growth.Business, generalLee, Hahn-Choon
Latin markets.Business, generalDooley, Brian J.
Magic boxes: 18th review; NVOCCs. (non-vessel operating common carriers)Business, generalDooley, Brian J.
Pricing EMC's. (export management companies)Business, generalMiller, Larry
Same condition drawback. (Customs procedures)Business, generalSerko, David
Still hesitating about automating? (software for the export trading industry)Business, general 
Twisting in the throes of turnaround; trade banking steps into an aggressive new role.Business, generalDaiboch, Alfred F.
US balance of payments; up in '81 ... down in '82.Business, generalLayman, Thomas A.
US-Canada ties stretching ever more tightly!Business, generalMcKay, V.G.
US services build their case for more export supports.Business, generalBarovick, R.L.
US truckers; making overseas door-to-door service commonplace.Business, generalWerner, Tom
'We match service to shippers" US port profile - Delaware River ports.Business, generalBarbour, Annie
What makes an FTZ work right? (foreign -trade zones)Business, general 
World Trade Week. (calendar)Business, generalCummings, Faith
Yes, imports are restricted but these nations are still buying. (Latin American countries)Business, generalWelsh, Ellen
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