American Journal of Ophthalmology - Abstracts

American Journal of Ophthalmology
Expression of VEGF and angiopoietins in subfoveal membranes from patients with age-related macular degeneration.(Original Article)HealthHera, Ruxandra, Keramidas, Michelle, PeocEh, Michel, Mouillon, Michel, Romanet, Jean-Paul, Feige, Jean-Jacques
Inflow of ocular surface fluid through clear corneal cataract incisions: a laboratory model.HealthSarayba, M.A., Taban, M., Ignacio, T.S,, Behrens, A., McDonnell, P.J.
Microwave-superheated Vics Vapo Rub: An Ocular Public Health Danger.HealthFung, Anne E., Oxford, Karen W.
Perspective: Antiinflammatory Therapy for Dry Eye.HealthPflugfelder, Stephen C.
The Determinanats of Participation in Activities of Daily Living in People with Impaired Vision.HealthLamoureux, Ecosse L., hassell, Jennifer, Keefe, Jill E.
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