American Journal of Pathology - Abstracts

American Journal of Pathology
A hypothetical explanation for the aging of skin. Chronologic alteration of the three-dimensional arrangement of collagen and elastic fibers in connective tissue.HealthImayama, S., Braverman, I.M.
Cardiac pathology in the hypertensive diabetic rat. Biventricular damage with right ventricular predominance.HealthMiller, B., Fein, F.S., Cho, S., Zola, B.E., Factor, S.M.
Connective tissue cells in healing rat myocardium. A study of cell reactions in rhythmically contracting environment.HealthVracko, R., Thorning, D., Frederickson, R.G.
Cytochrome-c-oxidase deficient cardiomyocytes in the human heart--an age-related phenomenon. A histochemical ultracytochemical study.HealthMuller-Hocker, J.
Expression of the common acute lymphoblastic leukemia antigen (CD10) in mesenchymal tumors.HealthMechtersheimer, G., Moller, P.
Histopathology of Lyme arthritis in LSH hamsters.HealthHejka, A., Schmitz, J.L., England, D.M., Callister, S.M., Schell, R.F.
Morphologic demonstration of adrenergic influences on the glomerulus.HealthKon, V., Karnovsky, M.J.
Renal oncocytoma. A phenotypic and genotypic entity of renal parenchymal tumors.HealthKovacs, G., Welter, C., Wilkens, L., Blin, N., Deriese, W.
Selective inhibition of platelet thromboxane generation with low-dose aspirin does not protect rats with reduced renal mass from the development of progressive disease.HealthRemuzzi, G., Zoja, C., Benigni, A., Livio, M., Bergamelli, A., Orisio, S., Abbate, M., Bertani, T.
The presence of cytomegalovirus nucleic acids in arterial walls of atherosclerotic and nonatherosclerotic patients.HealthHendrix, M.G., Dormans, P.H., Kitslaar, P., Bosman, F., Bruggeman, C.A.
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