Banca Nazionale Del Lavoro Quarterly Review 1996 - Abstracts

Banca Nazionale Del Lavoro Quarterly Review 1996
Banking privatization in Israel, 1983-1994: a case study in political economy.BusinessPrager, Jonas
Budget and constitution: a proposal for revision in the light of the Maastricht Treaty.BusinessMasera, Rainer S.
Building an institutional framework for monetary stability: the case of Italy (1979-1994).BusinessPassacantando, Franco
Central bank independence and inflation performance: panacea or placebo?BusinessJenkins, Michael A.
Enhancing European competitiveness.BusinessCiampi, Carlo Azeglio
Finance and growth: a synthesis and interpretation of the evidence.BusinessGaletovic, Alexander
Free trade: why, when and for whom?BusinessNayyar, Deepak
Inflation, unemployment and the position of the central bank: the opinion of the public.BusinessPrast, Henriette M.
Methods to determine capital requirements for options.BusinessVlaar, P.J.G.
Privatizations and corporate governance in France.BusinessGoldstein, Andrea
The amendment to the capital accord to incorporate market risk.BusinessHall, Maximilian J.B.
The Italian financial system in the mid-1990s: a difficult transition.BusinessSarcinelli, Mario
The likelihood of European Monetary Union.BusinessWeidmann, Jens
The ongoing weakening of the international financial system.BusinessGray, H. Peter
The superiority of eliminating barriers to entrepreneurship over privatization activism of the state.BusinessWiniecki, Jan
The transition economies, the Intergovernmental Conference, and the European Union.BusinessBrabant, Jozef M. van
Towards ERM2: managing the relationship between the euro and the other currencies of the European Union.(Exchange Rate Mechanism 2, single European currency)BusinessSaccomanni, Fabrizio
Vietnam in the 1980s: price reforms and stabilization.BusinessLeung, Suiwah, Vo, Thanh Tri
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