Banca Nazionale Del Lavoro Quarterly Review 1997 - Abstracts

Banca Nazionale Del Lavoro Quarterly Review 1997
An endogenous growth model with endogenous money supply. Integration of post-Keynesian growth models.BusinessWatanabe, Ken-ichi
Bank governance in the Japanese economic system.BusinessTeranashi, Juro
Bank governance: models and reality.BusinessSarcinelli, Mario
Banks and governance in transition economies.BusinessSdralevich, Carlo
Branch manager turnover and lending efficiency: local vs. national banks.BusinessFerri, Giovanni
Competition and corporate governance: the case of Italian banks.BusinessBruzzone, Ginevra
Corporate governance of banks: Germany.BusinessKregel, J.A.
Corporate governance: the case of banking.BusinessVisentini, Gustavo
Currency board or central bank? Lessons from the Irish Pound's link with Sterling, 1928-79.BusinessHonohan, Patrick
Enterprise performance and macroeconomic control.BusinessStern, Nicholas, Buiter, Willem, Lago, Ricardo
European Monetary Union: an old Keynesian guide to the issues.BusinessPalley, Thomas I.
Interlocking directorates across listed companies in Italy: the case of banks.BusinessBianco, Magda, Pagnoni, Elena
Mexico's crisis: financial modernization and financial fragility.BusinessLopez G., Julio
Money, prices, and the transition to the EMU.(European Monetary Union)BusinessKoedijk, Kees G., Groneveld, Johannes M., Kool, J.M. Clemens
Notes on firms, banks and company law.BusinessCiocca, Pierluigi
Seigniorage, electronic money and financial independence of central banks.BusinessGroeneveld, Johannes M., Visser, Ad
Setting conversion rates for the third stage of EMU.(European Monetary Union)BusinessSpaventa, Luigi, De Grauwe, Paul
The corporate governance of banks: alternative solutions for coherent structures and control.BusinessTonveronachi, Mario
The corporate governance system in banking: what do we know?BusinessProwse, Stephen
The EMU debt criterion: an interpretation.(European Monetary Union)BusinessBerndsen, Ron
The nature and functioning of European capitalism: a historical comparative perspective.BusinessMaddison, Angus
Trade flows as a channel for the transmission of business cycles.BusinessBerk, Jan Marc
What really matters: conservativeness or independence?BusinessHaan, Jakob de, Kooi, Willem
What went wrong? The evolution of the IMF 1941-1961(International Monetary Fund)BusinessPressnell, L.S.
Whither now?(analysis of central bank governance and foreign exchange markets)BusinessGoodhart, C.A.E.
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