Banca Nazionale Del Lavoro Quarterly Review 2001 - Abstracts

Banca Nazionale Del Lavoro Quarterly Review 2001
Does central bank independence reflect monetary commitment properly? Methodical considerations.(economic theory and analysis research)Business 
Exchange-rate policy in eatern Europe and EU integration.(Statistical Data Included)BusinessVan Brabant, J. M.
Impact of income-detection technology and other factors on aggregate income tax evasion, the case of the United States.BusinessCebula, Richard J.
On the theory of interest rate policy.(Statistical Data Included)BusinessSpahn, Heinz-Peter
Paying for pensions: how important is economic growth?(Statistical Data Included)BusinessVisco, I.
Structural biases in prudential regulation of banks.(Statistical Data Included)BusinessTonveronachi, Mario
The balance-of-payments constraint: from balanced trade to sustainable debt.(Statistical Data Included)BusinessBarbosa-Filho, Nelson H.
The Basle Committee's proposals for a new capital adequacy assesment framework: a critique.(bank industry regulation and standards)Business 
The developing recession in the United States.BusinessGodley, Wynne
The foreign exchange market interventions of the European Central Bank.BusinessFrenkel, M., Pierdzioch, C., Stadtmann, G.
Total factor productivity - a misleading concept.(Statistical Data Included)Business 
Volatility spillovers and the role of leading financial centres.(Statistical Data Included)BusinessCifarelli, G., Paladino, G.
Water Management, Middle East peace and a role for the World Bank.(Statistical Data Included)BusinessAskari, H., Brown C.
What central banks have learned: lesson from pre-EMU Europe.(Statistical Data Included)BusinessHouben, A. C. F. J.
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