Bankruptcy Developments Journal 2000 - Abstracts

Bankruptcy Developments Journal 2000
Abusive filings: Can courts stop the abuse within the confines of the Bankruptcy Code?LawNelson, Kimberly L.
An ineffective escape hatch: the textualist mistake in Geiger.(bankruptcy discharge)LawDeFrank, Michael D.
Confusion over s. 522(d)(11(D): what Congress really meant by exempting payments for "personal bodily injury" and why they got it wrong.(bankruptcy law)LawPapera, Louis J.
Coverture and cooperation: the firm, the market, and the substantive consolidation of married debtors.LawChapman, Robert B.
From the conflicting treatment of nonmonentary defaults in s. 365(b), an exception for franchises emerges.LawTruitt, Lesley A.
Getting to waiver: a legislative solution to state sovereign immunity in bankruptcy after Seminole Tribe.LawBartell, Laura B.
Healthco and the "insolvency exception": an unnecessary expansion of the doctrine?LawBarnett, Christopher L.
LaSalle and the little guy: some initial musing on the ultimate impact of Bank of America, NT & SA v. 203 North LaSalle Street Partnership.LawMarshall, Bruce A.
Means testing under the Bankruptcy Reform Act of 1999: a flawed means to a questionable end.LawIvy, Harriet Thomas
Overview and analysis of how the United Nations model law on Insolvency would affect United States corporations doing business abroad.LawGilreath, M. Cameron
Saving face in Southeast Asia: the implementation of prepackaged plans of reorganization in Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia.LawCarter, Courtney C.
The administrative relationship between the district and bankruptcy courts.LawSchwartzer, William W., McGaraghan, Neil
The lease of money in bankruptcy: time for consistency?LawBartell, Laura B.
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