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1978 Tour de France. (bicycle race)Sports and fitnessYerkey, Gary
A country boy who rode into the history books. (Raymond Poulidor)Sports and fitnessYerkey, Gary
A cyclist who pedals politics. (Ellen Fletcher)Sports and fitnessMonkerud, Don
Adding a personal touch to framebuilding. (Tom Teasdale)Sports and fitnessWindeknecht, Charlotte
A favorite son repeats his tour victory. (Bernard Hinault in Tour de France)Sports and fitnessYerkey, Gary
An interview with John Howard.Sports and fitnessSanders, William
A pioneer in the world of human powered vehicles: Dr. Paul MacCready heads the International Human Powered Vehicle Association.Sports and fitnessMartin, Sandra
Doris Kopsky: America's first woman national champion. (bicycle racer)Sports and fitnessBaranet, Nancy Neiman
Greg Le Mond intimidates his opposition.Sports and fitnessBerlatsky, Rachelle
Interview: Ed Steffani.Sports and fitnessRizio, Richard
Interview: Greg Lemond.Sports and fitnessNichols, Janet
Interview: Paul DeemSports and fitnessNichols, Janet
Nuptial bliss aboard a track sprint bike. (Steve and Lauren Anderson)Sports and fitnessWoolever, Naomi
Putting foxy grandpa to the test. (72 year-old cyclist)Sports and fitnessFaria, Irvin
Setting the stage for the 1979 Tour de France.Sports and fitnessYerkey, Gary
Tetzlaff combines experience with youthful zeal.Sports and fitnessRizio, Richard
The addiction of Esther Salmi. (cyclist)Sports and fitnessBaranet, Nancy
The doctor who pedals the streets of San Diego.Sports and fitnessGray, Anne
The father of the streamlined road fairing. (Glen Brown)Sports and fitnessImmler, Bob
The great Danish duo. (Anker Nielsen and Johannes Risby)Sports and fitnessWahlstrom, Jean
The John Howard era of American racing. (racing in 70s)Sports and fitnessSanders, William
The Milk Race. (Soviet victory)Sports and fitnessThompson, Bernard
The remarkable Steve Jennings. (cyclist)Sports and fitnessScott, John
The traveling collector of bike relics. (Gert Moed)Sports and fitnessYerkey, Gary
The wonderful world of Disneys.Sports and fitnessHolden, Keith
The world's greatest cyclist is retired but not forgotten.Sports and fitnessCouzens, Gerald
Year of change. (European bicycle race winners)Sports and fitnessWilcockson, John
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