Biological Reviews 1998 - Abstracts

Biological Reviews 1998
Frugivory and seed dispersal by vertebrates in the Oriental (Indomalayan) Region.Biological sciencesCorlett, Richard T.
Heterochrony and allometry: The analysis of evolutionary change in ontogeny.Biological sciencesKlingenberg, Christian Peter
Role of urinary and cloacal bladders in chelonian water economy: historical and comparative perspectives.Biological sciencesJorgensen, C. Barker
The braincase of Euparkeria, and the evolutionary relationships of birds and crocodilians.Biological sciencesGower, David J., Weber, Erich
The effect of group size on mean food intake rate in birds.Biological sciencesBeauchamp, Guy
The function of nuptial feeding in insects: A review of empirical studies.Biological sciencesVahed, Karim
The origin and early evolution of birds.Biological sciencesPadian, Kevin, Chiappe, Luis M.
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