Biological Reviews 2006 - Abstracts

Biological Reviews 2006
An examination of cetacean brain structure with a novel hypothesis correlating thermogenesis to the evolution of a big brain.Biological sciencesManger, Paul R.
Bird evolution in the Eocene: Climate change in Europe and a Danish fossil fauna.Biological sciencesLindow, Bent E.K., Dyke, Gareth J.
Bivariate line-fitting methods for allometry.Biological sciencesWestoby, Mark, Wright, Ian J., Warton, David I., Falster, Daniel S.
Confounding factors in the detection of species responses to habitat fragmentation.Biological sciencesEwers, Robert M., Didham, Raphael K.
Development, structure, and function of a novel respiratory organ, the lung-air sac system of birds: To go where no other vertebrate has gone.Biological sciencesMaina, John N.
Direct cell-cell communication: A new approach derived from recent data on the nature and self-organization of ultradian (circahoralian) intracellular rhythms.Biological sciencesBrodsky, Vsevolad Ya.
Environmental constraints on life histories in Antarctic ecosystems: Tempos, timings and predictability.Biological sciencesBarnes, David K.A., Convey, Peter, Peck, Lloyd S.
Freshwater biodiversity: Importance, threats, status and conservation challenges.Biological sciencesNaiman, Robert J., Dudgeon, David, Gessner, Mark O., Knowler, Duncan J., Arthington, Angela H., Kawabata, Zen-Ichiro, Leveque, Christian, Prieur-Richard, Anne-Helene, Soto, Doris, Stiassny, Melanie L.J., Sullivan, Caroline A.
Human cell type diversity, evolution, development, and classification with special reference to cells derived from the neural crest.Biological sciencesVickaryous, Matthew K., Hall, Brain K.
Intake rates and the functional response in shorebirds (Charadriiformes) eating macro-invertebrates.Biological sciencesZharikov, Yuri, Owens, Ian P.F., Masero, Jose A., Perez-Hurtado, Alejandro, Gill, Jennifer A., Hockey, Philip A.R., Ens, Bruno J., Pettifor, Richard A., Caldow, Richard W.G., Ferns, Peter N., Goss-Custard, John D., West, Andrew D., Yates, Michael G., Stillman, Richard A., Bradsley, Louise, Castilla, Juan, Castro, Macarena, Dierschke, Volker, Le V. dit Durell, Sarah E.A., Eichhorn, Goetz, Triplet, Patrick, Worrall, Dave H., Zwarts, Leo, Exo, Klaus-Michael, Udayangani-Fernando, P.U., Pacheco, Cristian, Scheiffarth, Gregor, Sitters, Humphrey, Sutherland, Willaim J., Johnstone, Ian, Kalejta-Summers, Bozena, Moreira, Francisco, Nagarajan, Rajarathina Velu
Mechanisms and evolution of deceptive pollination in orchids.Biological sciencesJohnson, Steven D., Jersakova, Jana, Kindlmann, Payal
Modelling Southern Ocean ecosystems: Krill, the food-web, and the impacts of harvesting.Biological sciencesHill, S.L., Murphy, E.J., Reid, K., Trathan, P.N., Constable, A.J.
Modulation of aggressive behavior by fighting experience: Mechanisms and contest outcomes.Biological sciencesWolf, Larry L., Yuying Hsu, Earley, Ryan L.
On the origin and evolution of major morphological characters.Biological sciencesBudd, Graham E.
Orchestration of avian reproductive effort: An integration of the ultimate and proximate bases for flexibility in clutch size, incubation behavior, and yolk androgen deposition.Biological sciencesSchwabl, Hubert, Sockman, Keith W., Sharp, Peter J.
Physiological studies of cortical spreading depression.Biological sciencesHuang, Christopher L.-H., Smith, Justin M., Bradley, Daniel P., James, Michael F.
Positive selection in the evolution of cancer.Biological sciencesCrespi, Bernard J., Summers, Kyle
Repetitive DNA elements as mediators of genomic change in response to environmental cues.Biological sciencesSchmidt, Adele L., Anderson, Lucy M.
Reviving a neglected celestial underwater polarization compass for aquatic animals.Biological sciencesWaterman, Talbot H.
Sex-specific sibling interactions and offspring fitness in vertebrates: Patterns and implications for maternal sex ratios.Biological sciencesUller, Tobias
The ecology of overwintering among turtles: Where turtles overwinter and its consequences.Biological sciencesUltsch, Gordon R.
The evolution of egg color and patterning in birds.Biological sciencesKilner, R.M.
The evolution of human fatness and susceptibility to obesity: An ethological approach.Biological sciencesWells, Jonathan C.K.
The origin of human pathogens: Evaluating the role of agriculture and domestic animals in the evolution of human disease.Biological sciencesPearce-Duvet, Jessia M.C.
Thermal behavior of crustaceans.Biological sciencesLagerspetz, Kari Y.H., Vainio, Liisa A.
Using experimental manipulation to assess the roles of leaf litter in the functioning of forest ecosystems.Biological sciencesSayer, Emma J.
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