Capital & Class - Abstracts

Capital & Class
Adversity and opportunity: towards union renewal in manufacturing, science and finance?EconomicsCarter, Bob
A 'new' socialist party?EconomicsAllender, Paul
A reply to Maniatis. (reply to Thanasis Maniatis in this issue, p. 37)EconomicsCottrell, Allin, Cockshott, Paul, Michaelson, Greg
Behind the news: offers that can be refused.EconomicsRuggiero, Vincenzo
Cease-fire in Northern Ireland - the phoney peace. (Irish Republican Army truce)EconomicsSmyth, Jim
Cornelius Castoriadis. (Greek scholar)(Obituary)EconomicsBarker, John
Dismantling former Yugoslavia, recolonizing Bosnia.EconomicsChossudovsky, Michel
France 1995: the backward march of labour halted.EconomicsJefferys, Steve
Gone to glory. (historian John Merrington)(Obituary)EconomicsLinebaugh, Peter
Hyundai Motors 1998-1999: The Anatomy of a Strike.EconomicsNeary, Michael
Making Europe work - the struggle to cut the workweek.EconomicsWent, Robert
Northern Ireland between peace and war?(Northern Ireland Between Peace and War?)EconomicsStewart, Paul
Restructuring the British financial sector into the twenty-first century.EconomicsTickell, Adam
South Africa: state, labour, and the politics of reconstruction.EconomicsFine, Bob, Van Wyk, Graham
Stakeholder economy? From utility privatisation to new labour.EconomicsFroud, Julie, Haslam, Colin, Johal, Sukhdev, Williams, Karel, Shaoul, Jean
Striking smarter and harder at Vauxhall: the new industrial relations of lean production? (Vauxhall Motors)EconomicsStewart, Paul
The ascendancy of neo-liberalism in Australia.EconomicsTeicher, Julian, Svensen, Stuart, Fairbrother, Peter
The birth of Socialist Labour.EconomicsHeron, Brian
The British labour movement and economic and monetary union in Europe.EconomicsStrange, Gerard
The Good Friday Agreement, the decomissioning of IRA weapons and the Unionist veto.(Northern Ireland Between Peace and War?)Economics 
The new revolution in economics.EconomicsFine, Ben
The Russian miners' strike of 1996.EconomicsClarke, Simon, Borisov, Vadim
Working schoolchildren in Britain today.EconomicsRikowski, Glenn, Neary, Mike
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