Columbia Journal of World Business - Abstracts

Columbia Journal of World Business
Accelerating privatization in ex-Socialist economies. (includes related article)Business, internationalEwing, Andrew, Lee, Barbara W., Leeds, Roger
Achieving sustainable communication.Business, internationalHarrison, E. Bruce
Analyzing Growth Cycles and Leading Indicators in Pacific Basin Countries.Business, internationalKlein, P.A.
An Examination of the International Product Life Cycle and Its Application within Marketing.Business, internationalOnkvisit, S., Shaw, J.J.
A Survey Study of Subsidiary Autonomy Performance Evaluation and Transfer Pricing in Multinational Corporations.Business, internationalYunker, P.J.
Behind the diplomatic curtain: inner workings of the new global negotiations.Business, internationalBenedick, Richard E.
Business, science and environmental politics: toward a political economy of hope.Business, internationalBaden, John A.
Capital markets and sustainable development.Business, internationalRada, Juan, Trisoglio, Alex
Cargo Reservation for Bulk Commodity Shipments.Business, internationalKyle, R., Phillips, L.T.
Corporate environmental communications: lessons from investors.Business, internationalMastrandonas, Andrew, Strife, Polly T.
Don't crack the Japanese distribution system - just circumvent it. (includes related article on Japan's large scale retail legislation)Business, internationalKaikati, Jack G.
Emerging stock markets: investment strategies of the future. (emergence of stock markets in less developed countries)Business, internationalHartmann, Mark A., Khambata, Dara
Energy management in Eastern Europe and the former USSR: economic and environmental opportunities.Business, internationalFoell, Wesley K.
Environmentally friendly development: can the private sector succeed where others have failed?Business, internationalMarcil, Antony G.
Environmental option assessment. (includes related article)Business, internationalWinsemius, Pieter, Hahn, Walter
Environmental protection and the GATT: a business view. (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade)Business, internationalGavin, Joseph G., III
Environmental taxes and U.S. competitiveness.Business, internationalRepetto, Robert
Environmental technology cooperation: a quid pro quo for transnational corporations and developing countries.Business, internationalWescott, William F., II
Foreign Corrupt Practices.Business, internationalGraham, J.L.
How U.S. Deregulation Hurts International Trade.Business, internationalLande, R.J.
Implementing the Montreal Protocol to restore the ozone layer.Business, internationalKing, Kenneth, Munasinghe, Mohan
Industry and the environment: the views of an industrialist.Business, internationalMaucher, Helmut
Japan's policy for sustainable development.Business, internationalShinji Fukukawa
Jumping into the customer's activity cycle: a new role for customer services in the 1990s. (increased importance of end users in manufacturers' strategies)Business, internationalVandermerwe, Sandra
Managing in the environmental era: lessons from environmental leaders.Business, internationalNewman, John C., Breeden, Kay M.
Marketing green products in the Triad. (includes related article)Business, internationalSimon, Francoise L.
Market innovation and the global environment.Business, internationalChichilnisky, Graciela
Mexico's Energy Policy.Business, internationalPerez-Gazga, F.
New corporate roles in global environmental treaty-making.Business, internationalSusskind, Lawrence E.
New rules for a new world: privatization of the Czech cement industry.Business, internationalWilliams, Christopher
On the frontier: what your lawyer brings to privatization in Eastern and Central Europe.Business, internationalArbess, Daniel J., Varanese, James B.
Privatization and economic stabilization in Mexico.Business, internationalVoljc, Marko, Draaisma, Joost
Privatization in Africa.Business, internationalDrum, Bernard
Privatization in the Czech Republic.Business, internationalSacks, Paul M.
Privatization of the enterprises of the Argentine Ministry of Defense.Business, internationalKessler, Ana S. de
Privatization: the theme of the 1990s.Business, internationalLieberman, Ira W.
Privatizing a distressed state-owned enterprise: lessons learned through privatization work in Argentina's steel sector.Business, internationalMooney, Reynold W., Griffith, Scott
Resolving US-China trade conflicts: conditions for trade and investment expansion in the 1990s. (the need to resolve economic and political conflicts between China and the United States in order to take advantage of new opportunities)Business, internationalRondinelli, Dennis A.
Rethinking corporate environmental management.Business, internationalGreeno, J. Ladd, Robinson, S. Noble
Rigorous privatization: the New Zealand experience. (includes related article)Business, internationalFranks, Stephen
Serving those going private: the role of accountancy in privatization. (includes related article)Business, internationalMastrangelo, Teresa B., McPhail, Robert J.F.
Strategy and the environment.Business, internationalBarett, Scott
Structural Change in the Nuclear Power Plant Industry in the Pacific Basin Region.Business, internationalLester, R.K.
Sustainable development vs. global environment: resolving the conflict.Business, internationalSinger, S. Fred
Technology Licensing Practice in U.S. Companies.Business, internationalContractor, F.J.
The business logic of sustainable development.Business, internationalSchmidheiny, Stephan
The challenge of sustainable development: Kodak's response. (Eastman Kodak Company)Business, internationalPoduska, Richard, Forbes, Richard, Bober, Maria
The corporation as nongovernment organization.Business, internationalFri, Robert W.
The energy dimensions of sustainable development.Business, internationalDuncan, Norman E.
The environment and the need for new technology, empowerment and ethical values.Business, internationalSaemann, Ralph
The European Environmental Agency in the context of the European Community environmental policy.Business, internationalBourdeau, Philippe
The export myopia of US multinationals: an overlooked opportunity for creating U.S. manufacturing jobs.Business, internationalRobock, Stefan H.
The Financial Benefits to Users of Foreign-Trade Zones.Business, internationalMcDaniel, W.R., Kossack, E.W.
The German Packaging Order: a model for state-induced waste avoidance?Business, internationalMicklitz, Hans-W.
The politics and economics of privatization in Central and Eastern Europe.Business, internationalThomas, Scott
The privatization experience in Malaysia: integrating build-operate-own and build-operate-transfer techniques within the national privatization strategy.Business, internationalHensley, Matthew L., White, Edward P.
The privatization of Swarzedz Furniture Company (SFM): lessons from learned from Poland's first underwritten public offering. (includes related article)Business, internationalWilson, Gavin
The privatization of telecommunications services: the case of Argentina.Business, internationalHerrera, Alejandra
The privatization program of the city of St. Petersburg.Business, internationalBogdanowicz-Bindert, Christine A., Ryan, Charles E.
The role of government in Poland's economic transition: ideas and experience from the recent past.Business, internationalKrawczyk, Marek, Lopez-Lopez, Jose A.
The shape of the EC and sustainable development: an interview with Carlo Ripa di Meana. (Italian Minister of the Environment) (Interview)Business, internationalErdmann, Peter B., Ferguson, John M., Kaufman, Charlotte
The success and failure of state-owned enterprise divestitures in a developing country: the case of Chile.Business, internationalLuders, Rolf J.
The value-added of investment bankers in privatizations.Business, internationalGallo, Luis G.
UNCED, environmentalism and beyond. (UN Conference on Environment and Development)Business, internationalCairncross, Frances
United States's economic sanctions against Vietnam: international business and development repercussions.Business, internationalFreeman, Nick J.
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