Competitive Intelligence Review - Abstracts

Competitive Intelligence Review
Competitive intelligence at Lexis-Nexis.Business, generalGieskes, Hans
Employee perceptions of knowledge sharing: Employment threat or synergy for the greater good?Business, generalFraser, Veronica, Marcella, Rita, Middleton,Iain
Knowledge management: The magic is in the culture!Business, generalNakra, Prema
Managers' mental categorizations of competitors.Business, generalSaxby, Carl L., Nitse, Philip S., Dishman, Paul
Profiling in competitive analysis.Business, generalVella, Carolyn, M., McGonagle,John J.
Using multiple scenario analysis to map the competitive futerscape: A practice-based perspective.Business, generalLee Gilbert, A.
Using the Internet for competitive intelligence in Singapore.Business, generalTeo, Thompson S.H.
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