Corporate Taxation - Abstracts

Corporate Taxation
2002 international developments on the taxation of equity compensation.LawWydajewski, Brian K.
Allocation of E&P in a spin-off by a consolidated group.(earnings and profits)LawCollins, Bryan P., Cordonnier, Andrew W., Zywan, Darin A.
Are VPFCS, collars, and DECS still viable hedging and monetization strategies?(variable prepaid forward contracts, debt exchangeable for common stock)LawBernstein, Robert S.
Continental breakfast and a history lesson.(tax treatment of stock assets purchases)LawBailine, Richard W.
Creating a banker-free zone: the new proposed anti-Morris trust regulations.Law 
DOL issues final regulations on "blackout periods".(Department of Labor)LawStrimaitis, Andrew K.
Double taxation and taxing dividends: administration's latest reform proposals.LawRizzi, Robert A.
FICA and FUTA taxes on back pay attributed to year of payment.(federal payroll taxes for social security and unemployment)LawFriedrich, Craig W.
Handling restructurings and dispositions of a CFC.(controlled foreign corporation)LawCalianno, Joseph M., Gregoire, Brent J.
Impact of the 2001 Tax Act.(Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001)LawStimaitis, Andrew
Internal Revenue Service issues proposed ESBT regulations.(electing small business trusts; S corporations)LawLooney, Stephen R.
IRS issues guidance on 1997 changes to effect of 10/50 dividends on foreign tax credit.LawEngle, Howard S.
Moore Corporation Ltd.'s two-step, cross-border acquisition of Wallace Computer Services, Inc.LawBernstein, Robert S.
Ruling dealing with REITs and a comment on two-step acquisitions.(real estate investment trusts)LawFriedrich, Craig W.
Section 368(a)(1)(F): the eye of the hurricane.(principles of corporate reorganizations)LawBailine, Richard W.
Shareholder loans to S Corporations: what constitutes a direct loan.LawLangstraat, Craig J., Cagle, Amber M., Malloy, John M.
Spin-off and stapling transactions.(Corporate Organizations and Reorganizations)LawRizzi, Robert A., Dunn, Daniel M.
Taxation of "split-dollar" life insurance arrangements.(Compensation and Fringe Benefits)LawAcharya, Narendra
Tax planning for the transfer of franchises, trademarks, and trade names.LawShaheen, William M.
The active trade or business test shows its age.(corporate spin-off transactions)LawRizzi, Robert A.
The application of section 367 to section 332 liquidations.(corporate restructurings)(Internal Revenue Code)LawCalianno, Joseph M.
The changing landscape for tax and other services.(part 2)(auditing and accounting services)LawAshraf, Saba, Allen, Pinney L.
The pension provisions in the new UK income tax treaty: good news and bad news.LawEllis, David W.
The role preferred stock can play in income tax and estate tax planning.LawMaloney, David M., Jones, Sally M.
Two-step stock acquisitions and reverse subsidiary mergers.LawPari, Joseph M., Lorndale, Robert G.
Unbaking the consolidated cake: deciphering the impact of United Dominion.(consolidated tax returns)LawGordon, Jared H.
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