Current 1993 - Abstracts

Current 1993
A comparative view of education: effective school reforms.EducationWooldridge, Adrian
A new agenda. (US Congress) (Reforming Congress)EducationMason, David M.
A new kind of tax: adopting a consumption tax.EducationWeidenbaum, Murray L.
Are there too many workers? The global workforce.EducationO'Reilly, Brian
Blacks and liberals: the Los Angeles riots.EducationPrager, Dennis
Challenges facing democracy: what cost freedom?EducationHuntington, Samuel P.
Collapsing into anarchy: saving failed states.EducationRatner, Steven R., Helman, Gerald B.
Euthanasia in the 1990s: dying a "good" death.EducationTong, Rosemarie
Expanding local support groups: the need for voluntary services.EducationRowe, Jonathan
Finding competent citizens: improving democracy.EducationDahl, Robert A.
Jobs for graduates: are degrees needed?EducationHecker, Daniel E.
Keeping the press objective: reflections of an ombudsman.EducationHarwood, Richard
Language of race: talking past one another.EducationBlauner, Bob
Latin America and liberalism: democratic illusions and realities.EducationRosenberg, Tina
Mandating inclusion: the military as a social lab.EducationMoskos, Charles
Politics before the humanities: conflict in the classroom. (politicization of universities)EducationCox, Stephen
Privatization's harms: economics in Eastern Europe.EducationMurrell, Peter
Religious diversity: the new family.EducationMcConnell, Michael
Renewing families. (A New Familism)EducationPopenoe, David
Reshaping foreign policy: after the U.S. election.EducationYankelovich, Daniel
Reviving American industry: a labor-management partnership.EducationBluestone, Barry, Bluestone, Irving
Rights and foreign policy: collective rights and nationalism.EducationCullen, Robert
The American Dream: economic myths and realities.EducationTopolnicki, Denise M.
The electronic town meeting. (Teledemocracy)EducationEtzioni, Amitai
The future of the West: a shrinking community. (nations in the Western hemisphere)EducationO'Brien, Conor Cruise
The new family: investing in human capital. (changes in the American family)EducationHamburg, David A.
The new interventionists: civil wars and human rights.EducationStedman, Stephen John
Three experiments. (public school reforms in Rochester, NY, Chelsea, MA and Chicago, IL) (Reforming Public Schools.)EducationBoo, Katherine
Time limits for welfare? (public welfare) (Welfare Reform)EducationJencks, Christopher
Toward a knowledge-based society. (post-capitalism) (The Post-Capitalist World)EducationDrucker, Peter F.
Toward parental choice. (private education) (School Reform)EducationQuade, Quentin L.
Vocational education: high-skill employees. (includes related article)EducationMarshall, Ray, Tucker, Marc
Worldwide drugs: the expanding trade.EducationFlynn, Stephen
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