De Economist 1997 - Abstracts

De Economist 1997
A household production model of paid labor, household work and child care.EconomicsGroot, Wim, Brink, Henriette Maassen van den
An alternative route to a basic income: the transition from conditional to unconditional social security.EconomicsGroot, L.F.M.
Art and appropriability in Renaissance Italy and the Netherlands in the seventeenth century: the role of the academy.EconomicsWijnberg, N.M.
A status quo in the economics of art and culture? - a view of some recent developments.EconomicsDolfsma, Wilfred
Communications: infrastructure, intergenerational conflict and the golden rule of finance.Economics 
Division of household labor: facts and judgements.EconomicsWunderink, Sophia, Niehoff, Marinka
Financial management, bargaining and efficiency within the household; an empirical analysis.EconomicsKooreman, Peter, Dobbelsteen, Simone
How Dutch teenagers spend their money.EconomicsWarnaar, Marcel, Praag, Bernard van
How elastic is the demand for labor in Belgian enterprises? Results from firm level accounts data, 1987-1994.EconomicsRoodhooft, Filip, Konings, Jozef
Is there a hidden technical potential?(technical studies)EconomicsOosterbeek, Hessel, Webbink, Dinand
Mandatory pensions and personal savings in the Netherlands.EconomicsKapteyn, Arie, Alessie, Rob J.M., Klijn, Frank
On income transfers and equivalence scales.EconomicsFolkertsma, Carsten
Unemployment and catching up: Europe vis-a-vis the USA.EconomicsGroot, Henri L.F., Van Schaik, Anton B.T.M.
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