De Economist 2001 - Abstracts

De Economist 2001
Adverse Selection and the Demand for Supplementary Dental Insurance.EconomicsGodfried, Martin, Oosterbeek, Hessel, Van Tulder, Frank
Asset prices in the measurement of inflation.(Statistical Data Included)EconomicsBryan, Michael F., Cecchetti, Stephen G., O'Sullivan, Roisin
Asset prices, monetary policy and macroeconomic stability.(Statistical Data Included)EconomicsGenberg, Hans
Bertrand price competition in a social environment.EconomicsHouba, Harold, Tieman, Alexander F., Van der Laan, Gerard
Cohesin policy in the EU: going beyond fiscal transfers?(Statistical Data Included)EconomicsNahuis, Richard, de Mooij, Ruud
Defferentiation of skills, firms' recruitment strategy and unemployment benefits in an efficiency wage model.(Statistical Data Included)EconomicsGavrel, Frederic
Family Labor Supply and Proposed Tax Reforms in the Netherlands.EconomicsVan Soest, Arthur, Das, Marcel
Financial development, uncertainty and economic growth.(Statistical Data Included)EconomicsLensink, Robert
Forecasting in Macroeconomics: A Practitioner's View.EconomicsDon, F.J.H.
Growth and welfare distribution in an ageing society: an applied general equilibrium analysis for the Netherlands.EconomicsBroer, D. Peter
Macroeconomic consequences of outsourcing: an analysis of growth, welfare, and product variety.EconomicsDe Groot, Henri L.F.
Notes and communications: beyond Maastricht.(European Union's budgetary policy, Maastricht Treaty)Economicsvan Ewijk, Casper
Performance of core inflation measures.(Statistical Data Included)EconomicsFolkertsma, C.K., Hubrich, K.
Social security reform with a focus on the Netherlands.EconomicsDiamond, Peter
Subsidizing R&D cooperatives.(Statistical Data Included)EconomicsHinloopen, Jeroen
The workings of syndicates or 'trusts.'.EconomicsKurpershoek, R.
Wage divergence and asymmetries in unemployment in a model with biased technical change.EconomicsSanders, Mark, Muysken, Joan, Van Zon, Adriaan
Wage moderation, innovation, and labour productivity: myths and facts revisited.EconomicsFase, M.M.G., Tieman, A.F.
Wages and teachers' hours of work.(Statistical Data Included)EconomicsWaterreus, Ib, Dobbelsteen, Simone
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