Energy - Abstracts

A sustainable future.(global warming)Petroleum, energy and mining industriesShelor, F. Mack
Blowout!(preventing oil well fires)Petroleum, energy and mining industriesKrause, Brian
Electric vehicles - false starts.Petroleum, energy and mining industriesMader, Jerry
Fueling the military.(United States)Petroleum, energy and mining industries 
Greenhouse bonanza.(emissions trading in European Union)Petroleum, energy and mining industries 
Improving internal combustion.(engines)Petroleum, energy and mining industries 
Keeping Toronto cool.(Deep Lake Water Cooling system)Petroleum, energy and mining industries 
Lag on carbon cutting.(control of greenhouse gases)Petroleum, energy and mining industries 
Managing the grid.(software to manage electricity grids)Petroleum, energy and mining industriesWaters, Guerry
Meeting demand.(power supply)Petroleum, energy and mining industriesTolnar, Jeff, Caroline, Heidi
More clout for the EPA.(Environmental Protection Agency)Petroleum, energy and mining industriesWadsworth, John W.
More green buildings.(Atlanta)Petroleum, energy and mining industriesGerding, Dan
Restructuring utilities.Petroleum, energy and mining industriesFisher, Ronald, DiBiase, Karen
Satisfied customers?(energy utilities)Petroleum, energy and mining industriesFornell, Claes
Stabilizing LNG prices.(United States and Europe)Petroleum, energy and mining industriesMiles, Steven, Bennett, Jason
Subsidizing ethanol.(laws in the United States)Petroleum, energy and mining industriesSautter, John A., Furrey, Laura, Gresham, Robert L.
Termite power.(turning wood into biofuels)Petroleum, energy and mining industriesBalfour, Bruce
What to expect.(energy supply, demand, prices)Petroleum, energy and mining industries 
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