European Management Journal 2004 - Abstracts

European Management Journal 2004
Academic research networks: a key to enhancing scholarly standing.Business, internationalLowrie, Anthony, Mcknight, Philip J.
A comparison of journal submissions to the UK's research assessment exercises 1996 and 2001 for UoA 43 (Business and Management Studies).Business, internationalBence, Valerie, Oppenhem, Charles
A comparison of the quality of European, Japanese and U.S. Mission statements: a content analysis.Business, internationalGlassman, Myron, Bartkus, Barbara R., Mcafee, R. Bruce
An application of an ecological model to explain the growth of strategies of internet firms: the cases of eBay and Amazon.Business, internationalTodd, Patricia, Javagi, Rajshekhar, Cutler, Bob
Antecedents to customer involvement in product development: comparing Chinese firms and US.Business, internationalGermain, Richard, Lin, Xiaohua
Assessing core intangible resources.Business, internationalCarmeli, Abraham
Bargaining power and information technology in African-European business relationships: case of the Dutch flower auctions.(East African Flower company)Business, internationalCunden, Mayen, Heck, Eric Van
Building a good reputation.Business, internationalPavelin, Stephen, Brammer, Stephen
Coal liquefaction, Shenhua Group, and China's energy security.Business, internationalShipman, Alan, Nolan, Peter, Rui, Huaichuan
Commercializing the back office at Lloyds of London: outsourcing and strategic partnerships revisited.Business, internationalWillcocks, Leslie, Feeny, David, Lacity, Mary
Communication and co-operation on projects between the project owner as principal and the project manager as agent.Business, internationalTurner, J. Rodney, Muller, Ralf
Conducting business in Eastern Europe: risk-return perspectives of senior financial executives.Business, internationalWelch, Jonathan, Ciner, Cetin
Conflicts of interest and market discipline among financial service firms.Business, internationalWalter, Ingo
Corporate Social Responsibility: moving beyond investment towards measuring outcomes.Business, internationalKnox, Simon, Maklan, Stan
Crafting strategy imaginatively: lessons learnt from Siemens.Business, internationalGibbert, Michael
Drivers of supply network governance: an explorative study of the Dutch chemical industry.Business, internationalVerwaal, Ernst, Hesselmans, Maurice
Editorial.(Subjectiveness and human values in management behavior)(Editorial)Business, internationalStonham, Paul
Elucidating elusive ensembles: the strategic value of informal Internet networks.Business, internationalBerthon, Pierre, Pitt, Leyland, Merwe, Rian Van Der
Environmental uncertainty and strategic behavior in Belgian family firms.Business, internationalGils, Anita Van, Voordeckers, Wim, Heuvel, Jeroen Van Den
Exploring decision support and strategic project management in the oil and gas sector.Business, internationalMeadows, Maureen, Asrilhant, Boris, Dyson, Robert Graham
Failure and success of B-to-B exchange business models: a contingent analysis of their performance.(Business to business)Business, internationalOrdanini, Andrea, Micelli, Stefano, Maria, Eleonora Di
Geographic scope of operations by multinational companies: an exploratory study of regional and global strategies.Business, internationalElango, B.
Ideal jobs and international student mobility in the enlarged European Union.Business, internationalHarzing, Anne-Wil
Implementing knowledge management: three strategies for effective CKOs.(chief knowledge officer)Business, internationalRaub, Steffen
Implications of the Internet for knowledge creation and dissemination in clusters of hi-tech firms.Business, internationalTeck - Yong Eng
Industry-versus firm-specific effects on performance: contrasting SMEs and large-sized firms.(small and medium sized enterprises)Business, internationalSpanos, Yiannis, Caloghirou, Yiannis, Protogerou, Aimilia, Papagiannakis, Lefteris
In search of margin for business networks: the European patent office.Business, internationalDelporte-Vermeiren, Dominique, Vervest, Peter, Van Heck, Eric
Integrating the strategy formation process: an international perspective.(Autonomy of managers in centralized management)Business, internationalAndersen, Torben Juul
Knowledge acquisition and learning in Dutch and Belgian SMEs: the role of strategic alliances.Business, internationalGils, Anita Van, Zwart, Peter S.
Learning in knowledge communities: managing technology and context.Business, internationalBarrett, Michael, Cappleman, Sam, Shoib, Gamila, Walsham, Geoff
Managing product innovation in financial services firms.Business, internationalVermeulen, Patrick
Marketing metrics: status of six metrics in five countries.Business, internationalFarley, John U., Barwise, Patrick
Market strategies for climate change.Business, internationalKolk, Ans, Pinkse, Jonatan
Multiple forces in component localization in China.(Materials management methods)Business, internationalWilkinson, Barry, Millington, Andrew, Eberhardt, Markus, Mclaren, Julie
Organizations on the couch: a clinical perspective on organizational dynamics.Business, internationalVries, Manfred Kets de
Persistent superior economic performance, sustainable competitive advantage, and Schumpeterian innovation: leading established computer firms, 1954-2000 .Business, internationalBaaij, Marc, Greeven, Mark, Dalen, Jan Van
Project success: lessons from the Andria case.Business, internationalCova, Bernard, Caru, Antonella, Pace, Stefano
Relational risks perception in European biotechnology alliances: the effect of contextual factors.Business, internationalDelerue, Helene
Rethinking outsourcing in manufacturing: a tale of two telecom firms.Business, internationalBengtsson, Lars, Berggren, Christian
Setting up business in France and the USA: a cross cultural analysis.Business, internationalEstay, Christophe
Soft Systems Methodology - Conceptual Model Building and Its Contribution.(Book Review)Business, internationalMoutinho, Luiz
Speed in M&A integration: the first 100 days.Business, internationalAngwin, Duncan
Strategic change in UK telecommunications: empirical evidence.Business, internationalLal, David, Pitt, Douglas, Strachan, Peter
Strategic customer management: designing a profitable future for your sales organization.Business, internationalLane, Nikala, Piercy, Nigel
Strategic management of operating exposure.Business, internationalSoenen, Luc, Grant, Robert
Strategic renewal of Europe's largest telecom operators (1992-2001): a rejoinder to Stienstra et al.Business, internationalCurwen, Peter
Strategic renewal of Europe's largest telecom operators (1992-2001): a reply to Curwen.Business, internationalStienstra, Marten, Baaij, Marc, Volberda, Henk, Bosch, Frans A.J. Van Den
Strategic renewal of Europe's largest telecom operators (1992-2001): from herd behavior towards strategic choice.Business, internationalStienstra, Marten, Baaij, Marc, Bosch, Frans Van Den, Volberda, Henk
Technology adaptation in E-commerce: key determinants of virtual stores acceptance.Business, internationalTan, Justin, Lei - Da Chen
The effect of corporate environmental strategy choice and environmental performance on competitiveness and economic performance: an empirical study of EU manufacturing.(European manufacturing)Business, internationalWagner, Marcus, Schaltegger, Stefan
The impact of corporate reputation on performance: some Danish evidence.Business, internationalThomsen, Steen, Rose, Caspar
The impact of multi-access technologies on consumer electronic auctions.Business, internationalRuiter, Stephan De, Heck, Eric van
The implications of firm and individual characteristics on CEO pay.(chief executive officer)Business, internationalTomkins, Cyril, McKnight, Phillip
The international divestment activities of European grocery retailers.Business, internationalDawson, John, Sparks, Leigh, Burt, Steve
The international relocation of corporate centres: are corporate centres sticky?.Business, internationalBaaij, Marc, Volberda, Henk, Van Den Bosch, Frans
The knowledge chiefs: CKO's, CLOs and CPOs.(Chief knowledge officers, chief learning officers, chief privacy officers)Business, internationalDesouza, Kevin C., Awazu, Yukika
The open tourism consortium: laying the foundations for the future of tourism.Business, internationalPitt, Leyland, Watson, Richard, Akselsen, Sigmund, Monod, Emmanuel
The rationale for international equity joint ventures.Business, internationalGlaister, Keith W.
The regional nature of the world's automotive sector.Business, internationalRugman, Alan M., Collinson, Simon
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