Family Business Review - Abstracts

Family Business Review
A 10-year longitudinal investigation of strategy, systems, and environment on innovation in family firms.Business, generalMoores, Ken, Craig, Justin B.L.
Achieving sustained competitive advantage: a family capital theory.(family businesses)Business, generalHoffman, James, Sorenson, Ritch, Hoelscher, Mark
Acquiring a family firm: a case study.Business, generalMickelson, Rachel E., Worley, Christopher
A new perspective on the developmental model for family business.Business, generalOswald, Sharon L., Rutherford, Matthew W., Muse, Lori A.
An examination of the challenges daughters face in family business succession.Business, generalVera, Carolina F., Dean, Michelle A.
An institutional theory view of the family business.Business, generalLeaptrott, John
An overview of the field of family business studies: current status and directions for the future.Business, generalSharma, Pramodita
A panel study of copreneurs in business: who enters, continues, and exits?Business, generalMuske, Glenn, Fitzgerald, Margaret A.
Are family firms born or made? An exploratory investigation.Business, generalChrisman, James J., Chua, Jess H., Chang, Erick P. C.
Balanced scorecards to drive the strategic planning of family firms .(Business score card)Business, generalMoores, Ken, B.L.Craig, Justin
CEO tenure in Taiwanese family and nonfamily firms: an agency theory perspective.Business, generalTsai, Wen-Hsien, Hung, Jung-Hua, Kuo, Yi-Chen, Kuo, Lopin
Comparison of family and nonfamily business: financial logic and personal preferences.Business, generalGallo, Miguel Angel, Tapis, Josep, Cappuyns, Kristin
Culture in family-owned enterprises: recognizing and leveraging unique strengths.Business, generalWard, John L., Denison, Daniel, Lief, Colleen
Dancing with giants: acquisition and survival of the family firm.Business, generalSteen, Adam, Welch, Lawrence S.
Determinants of longevity and success in Lebanese family businesses: an exploratory study.Business, generalFahed-Sreih, Josiane, Djoundourian, Salpie
Does the family business interaction factor represent a resource or a cost?Business, generalPoza, Ernesto J., Hanlon, Susan, Kishida, Reiko
Educational needs of family businesses: perceptions of university directors.Business, generalBarnett, Steve, DeMoss, Michelle, McCann, Greg, Dascher, Paul
Entrepreneurial risk taking in family firms.Business, generalZahra, Shaker A.
Entrepreneurship and family business in a hostile environment: the case of Lithuania.Business, generalDyer, W. Gibb, Jr., Mortensen, Svetlana Panicheva
Fair process: striving for justice in family business.Business, generalVan der Heyden, Ludo, Blondel, Christine, Carlock, Randel S.
Family businesses and interfirm cooperation.Business, generalRoessl, Dietmar
Family businesses dominate.Business, general 
Family business in the Middle East: an exploratory study of retail management in Kuwait and Lebanon.Business, generalRaven, Peter, Welsh, Dianne H.B.
Family business research: a strategic reflection.Business, generalZahra, Shaker A., Sharma, Pramodita
Family business succession: suggestions for future research.Business, generalBrockhaus, Robert H.
Family dynamics and family business financial performance: spousal commitment.Business, generalAuken, Howard Van
Family firm performance: further evidence.Business, generalLee, Jim
Family governance and firm performance: agency, stewardship, and capabilities.Business, generalMiller, Danny, Le Breton-Miller, Isabelle
Flexibility in Norwegian family-owned enterprises.Business, generalGulbrandsen, Trygve
Forgiveness as an intervention in family-owned business: a new beginning.(A report from the case studies )Business, generalHubler, Thomas M.
Guidelines for family business boards of directors.(corporate governance standards)Business, generalLane, Suzanne
Impact of family relationships on attitudes of the second generation in family business.Business, generalLee, Jean
Integrated change management: challenges for family business clients and consultants.Business, generalVago, Marta
Interfirm cooperation capability in the context of networking family firms: the role of power.Business, general 
Internationalization of Australian family businesses: a managerial capabilities perspective.Business, generalGraves, Chris, Thomas, Jill
Internationalization strategy of small and medium-sized family businesses: some influential factors.Business, generalFernandez, Zulima, Nieto, Maria J.
Long-run IPO performance analysis of German and Spanish family-owned businesses.(initial public offerings)Business, generalJaskiewicz, Peter, Gonzalez, Victor M., Menendez, Susana, Schiereck, Dirk
Measuring success in family businesses: the concept of configurational fit.Business, generalHienerth, Christoph, Kessler, Alexander
Multigenerational transition in family businesses: a new explanatory model.Business, generalLambrecht, Johan
Organization of transfers of small and medium-sized enterprises within the family: tax law considerations.Business, generalBjuggren, Per-Olof, Sund, Lars-Goran
Ownership and management issues associated with family firm performance and company objectives.Business, generalWesthead, Paul, Howorth, Carole
Ownership preferences, competitive heterogeneity, and family-controlled businesses.Business, generalMiller, Danny, Hoopes, David G.
Real versus sample-based differences in comparative family business research.Business, generalJorissen, Ann, Laveren, Eddy, Martens, Rudy, Reheul, Anne-Mie
Roles of trust in consulting to financial families.Business, generalKaye, Kenneth, Hamilton, Sara
Self-perpetuation family organization built on values: necessary condition for long-term family business survival.Business, generalAronoff, Craig
Striving for happiness and its impact on family stability: an exploration of the Aristotilien conception of happiness.(causes of family's unstability)Business, generalSmyrnios, Kosmas X., Sund, Lars-goran
Sustaining a family dynasty: key issues facing complex multigenerational business-and investment-owning families.Business, generalJaffe, Dennis T., Lane, Sam H.
The board of directors in family firms: one size fits all?Business, generalCorbetta, Guido, Salvato, Carlo A.
The dynamics of succession in family businesses in Western European Countries.Business, generalNeubauer, Herbert
The effect of cunfucian values on succession in family business.Business, generalSorenson, Ritch, Yan, Jun
The family business and its social responsibilities.Business, generalGallo, M.A.
The importance of integrated goal setting: the application of cost-of-capital concepts to private firms.Business, generalAstrachan, Joseph H., Adams, Frank. III., Manners, George E. Jr., Mazzola, Pietro
The influence of successor-related factors on the succession process in small and medium-sized family businesses.Business, generalVenter, E., Boshoff, C., Maas, G.
The natural environment, innovation, and firm performance: a comparative study.Business, generalDibrell, Clay, Craig, Justin
The relationship between boards and planning in family businesses.Business, generalBlumentritt, Timothy
The role of family members in entrepreneurial networks: beyond the boundaries of the family firm.(benefits brought from the entrepreneurs to families)Business, generalR.Anderson, Alistar, Sarah L.Jack,, Dodd, Sarah Drakopoulou
The use of the Guttman scale in development of a family orientation index for small-to-medium-sized firms.Business, generalUhlaner, Lorraine M.
Understanding the complexities of private family firms: an empirical investigation.(importance of succession planning)Business, generalMurphy, Deborah L.
Understanding the contesting ideologies of family business: challenge for leadership and professional services.Business, generalKoiranen, Matti
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