Family Process - Abstracts

Family Process
Adaptation of parent-child interaction therapy for Puerto Rican families: A preliminary study.Sociology and social workMatos, Maribel, Torres, Rosalie, Santiago, Rocheli, Jurado, Michelle, Rodriguez, Ixa
Brief strategic family therapy: Lessons learned in efficacy research and challenges to blending research and practice.Sociology and social workRobbins, Michael S., Szapocznik, Jose, Santisteban, Daniel A., Suarez-Morales, Lourdes
Can spouses provide knowledge of each other's communication patterns? A study of self-reports, spouses' reports, and observational coding.(Report)Sociology and social workStocker, Clare M., Rhoades, Galena Kline
Developing a family-based depression prevention program in urban community mental health clinics: A qualitative investigation.Sociology and social workBoyd, Rhonda C., Diamond, Guy S., Bourjolly, Joretha N.
Emotional transnationalism and family identities.Sociology and social workFalicov, Celia J.
Engaging families as experts: Collaborative family program development.Sociology and social workFraenkel, Peter
Family first: The development of an evidence-based family intervention for increasing participation in psychiatric clinical care and research in depressed African American adolescents.Sociology and social workBreland-Noble, Alfiee M., Bell, Carl, Nicholas, Guerda
Healing elements of therapeutic conversation: dialogue as an embodiment of love.Sociology and social workSeikkula, Jaakko, Trimble, David
I. Genotype-environment interaction in the schizophrenia spectrum: Genetic liability and global family ratings in the Finish adoption study.Sociology and social workWynne, Lyman C., Moring, Juha, Wahlberg, Karl-Erik, Miettunen, J., Laksy, Kristian, Tienari, Pekka, Lahtl, Ilpo, Nieminen, P., Sorri, Anneli, Naarala, Mikko
II. Genotype-environment interaction in the schizophrenia spectrum: Qualitative observations.(Report)Sociology and social workWynne, Lyman C., Moring, Juha, Wahlberg, Karl-Erik, Tienari, Pekka, Sorri, Anneli, Lahti, Ilpo
Indirect pathways between depressive symptoms and marital distress: The role of conflict, communication, attributions, and attachment style.Sociology and social workVan Oost, Paulette, Buysse, Ann, Heene, Els L.D.
Intergenerational transmission of marital quality across the transition to parenthood.Sociology and social workPerren, Sonja, Wyl, Agnes Von, Burgin, Dieter, Simoni, Heidi, Klitzing, Kai Von
Migrating across literature, stories, and family therapy.Sociology and social workRoberts, Janine
Multiple-family group treatment of outpatients with schizophrenia: Impact on service utilization.Sociology and social workMcDonell, Michael G., Short, Robert A., Hazel, Nicholas A., Berry, Christopher M., Dyck, Dennis G.
Myths about "not-knowing".Sociology and social workAnderson, Harlene
Negotiated nonmonogamy and male couples.Sociology and social workShernoff, Michael
On hating to hate.Sociology and social workWeingarten, Kaethe
Play with me at my speed: Describing differences in the tempo of parent-infant interactions in the Lausanne triadic play paradigm in two cultures.Sociology and social workGottman, John M., Hedenbro, Monica, Shapiro, Alyson F.
Processes linked to contact changes in adoptive kinship networks.Sociology and social workGrotevant, Harold D., McRoy, Ruth G., Dunbar, Nora, Dulmen, Manfred H.M. van, Ayers-Lopez, Susan, Berge, Jerica M., Christian, Cinda, Gossaman, Ginger, Henney, Susan M., Mendenhall, Tai J.
Sacrifice: A clinical view.Sociology and social workBeels, C. Chirstian, Newmark, Margaret
Sacrifice as a predictor of marital outcomes.Sociology and social workStanley, Scott M., Markman, Howard J., Whitton, Sarah W., Sadberry, Sabina Low, Clements, Mari L.
Success and failure among polygamous families: The experience of wives, husbands and children.(Survey)Sociology and social workAl-Krenawi, Alean, Slonim-Nevo, Vered
The development of a culturally informed, family-focused treatment for schizophrenia.Sociology and social workWeisman, Amy, Duarte, Eugenio, Koneru, Vamsi, Wasserman, Stephanie
The development of a systemic school-based intervention: Marte Meo and coordination meetings.Sociology and social workHansson, Kjell, Broberg, Anders G., Wirtberg, Ingegerd
The Family Check-Up: A pilot study of a brief intervention to improve family functioning in adults.Sociology and social workMiller, Ivan W., Uebelacker, Lisa A., Hecht, Jacki
The heart of the matter: A proposal for placing the self of the therapist at the center of family research and training.Sociology and social workSimon, George M.
The therapist's self in dialogical family therapy: Some ideas about not-knowing and the therapist's inner conversation.Sociology and social workRober, Peter
To rebuild lives: A longitudinal study of the influences of the holocaust on relationships among three generations of women in one family.Sociology and social workLitvak-Hirsch, Tal, Bar-On, Dan
Transnationalism as a motif in family stories.Sociology and social workStone, Elizabeth, Gomez, Erica, Hotzoglou, Despina, Lipnitzky, Jane Y.
Up front and personal: Confronting dynamics in the Family Group Conference.Sociology and social workConnolly, Marie
What does it mean to be rational? A framework for assessment and practice.Sociology and social workSilverstein, Rachelle, Bass, Linda Buxbaum, Tuttle, Amy, Knudson-Martin, Carmen, Huenergardt, Douglas
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