Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies 2000 - Abstracts

Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies 2000
Ambiguous boundaries: redefining royal authority in the Kingdom of Ryukyu.Regional focus/area studiesSmits, Gregory
Being public: the politics of representation in 1918 Shanghai.Regional focus/area studiesGoodman, Bryna
Five portraits of male friendship in the 'Ise monogatari.'(Japanese literature)(Critical Essay)Regional focus/area studiesSchalow, Paul Gordon
Meaning beyond words: games and poems in the northern Song.(Critical Essay)Regional focus/area studiesHawes, Colin
Meiji Japan's Y23 crisis and the discovery of the future: Suehiro Tetcho's 'Nijusan-nen mirai-ki.'Regional focus/area studiesKurita, Kyoko
Samurai and merchant in mid-Tokugawa Japan: Tani Tannai's 'Record of Daily Necessities' (1748-54).(Statistical Data Included)Regional focus/area studiesVaporis, Constantine N.
The early Qing mystery of the governor's stolen silver.(Critical Essay)Regional focus/area studiesBarr, Allan H.
The family and the nation in Tokutomi Roka's 'Hototogisu.'(Meiji period novel, Japan)(Critical Essay)Regional focus/area studiesIto, Ken K.
The liminal male as liberatory figure in Japanese women's fiction.(Critical Essay)Regional focus/area studiesMori, Maryellen T.
The missionary novels of nineteenth-century China.Regional focus/area studiesHanan, Patrick
The Qing court's Tibet connection: Lcang skya Rol pa'i rdo rje and the Qianlong Emperor.Regional focus/area studiesWang, Xiangyun
Tu Fu's "General Ho" poems: social obligations and poetic response.Regional focus/area studiesChou, Eva Shan
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