Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies 2003 - Abstracts

Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies 2003
"Feudalism" and western Zhou China: a critizism Li Feng.Regional focus/area studiesLi Feng
From bamboo slips to received versions: common features in the transformation of the Laozi.Regional focus/area studiesXiaogan, Liu
The Bible as Chinese literature: Medhurst, Wang tao, and the delegates' version.Regional focus/area studiesHanan, Patrick
The genesis of an icon: the Taiji Diagram's early history.Regional focus/area studiesLouis, Francois
The lies and connivances of an evil woman: early Meiji realism and the tale of Takahashi Oden the She- Devil.Regional focus/area studiesSilver, Mark
Tsubouchi Shoyo's Tosei shosei katagi and the institutionalization of exclusive heterosexuality.Regional focus/area studiesReichert, Jim
Western Han aesthetics and the genesis of the fu.Regional focus/area studiesKern, Martin
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