Information Economics and Policy 1993 - Abstracts

Information Economics and Policy 1993
Factor prices, factor substitution, and the relative demand for telecommunications across US industries.Library and information scienceCronin, Francis J., Gold,Mark A., Hebert, Paul L., Lewitzky, Steven
Is statistical discrimination socially efficient?Library and information scienceHaagsma, Rein
Monopolistic settlement agreements in international telecommunications.Library and information scienceLu, Ding, Hakim, Sam Ramsey
New Zealand's revolution in spectrum management.Library and information scienceMueller, Milton
Optimal information exchange.Library and information scienceKirby, Alison J.
Option value, telecommunications demand, and policy.Library and information scienceKridel, Donald J., Lehman, Dale E., Weisman, Dennis L.
Shifts in broadcast policy and the value of television licenses.Library and information scienceFourniewr, Gary M., Campbell, Ellen S.
The value of perfect information in a simple investment problem.Library and information scienceThon, Dominique, Thorlund-Petersen, Lars
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