Instructor - Abstracts

Adding the arts. (art in Cleveland, Tennessee schools) (Instructor Special Report: Arts in Action)EducationMernit, Susan
Adventures with grandparents: technology-based activities and projects in honor of grandparent's day. (Teachers Use Technology)EducationOehring, Sandra
A teacher's guide to Columbus's journey. (topics for discussing Christopher Columbus's voyage) (Sail with Columbus) (Cover Story)EducationLaufer, Joseph M.
Bumps in the night. (adding excitement to science class)(includes related articles) (Hands-on Science)EducationKepler, Lynne
Campaign computing. (educational software covering elections)(includes related articles) (Teaching with Technology)EducationOehring, Sandra, Klenow, Carol
Cooperative learning. (methods) (Puttin Research to Work)Education 
Cuddle up to learn. (classroom instruction using teddy bears)(includes related article)EducationWilson, Linda
Electronic social studies. (educational software)(includes related articles) (Teaching with Technology)EducationKlenow, Carol
Find the focus. (helping children find focus in their writing)(includes related articles) (Ready to Write)EducationAvery, Carol
Getting-to-know-you graphing. (introducing children to graphing)(includes related articles) (Hands-on Science)EducationKepler, Lynne
Go the distance with the Pony Express. (paintings to teach history) (Instructor Special Report: Arts in Action)EducationBilbe, Ruth, Kornman, Naomi
History's other voice. (European exploitation of Taino tribe)(includes related articles) (Columbus 500)EducationYolen, Jane
Including children at conference time. (parent-teacher conferences)(includes related articles) (Primary Place)EducationSpann, Mary Beth, Rump, Virginia
Intermediate focus: operations and number relations. (techniques for teaching mathematics)(includes related articles) (Math Standards: In Action)EducationWinson, Beth
Introducing multiplication. (Math Standards in Action )EducationBurns, Marilyn
Kaleidoscope of color: a themed unit to start the year. (teaching with color themes)(includes related article on books about color) (Primary Place)EducationBilbe, Ruth, Kornman, Naomi, Spann, Mary Beth
Make the campaign count! (using the 1992 US elections as discussion topic)Education 
School tools are cool! (making homemade school supplies)(includes related article on paper)EducationWarrick, Karen Clemens
Talking with Myra Cohn Livingston. (musician)(includes related articles) (Jack Prelutsky's Poetry Pages) (Interview)EducationPrelutsky, Jack
Talking with X.J. Kennedy. (interview with poet Joe Kennedy) (Jack Prelutsky's Poetry Pages) (Interview)EducationPrelutsky, Jack
Teaching with themes. (thematic units) (Primary Place )EducationBilbe, Ruth, Kornman, Naomi, Spann, Mary Beth
The arts take center stage. (role of the arts in education)(includes directory and related articles) (Instructor Special Report: Arts in Action)EducationMartorelli, Debra
The integrated curriculum. (Putting Research to Work)EducationFogarty, Robin
Warm up to cooperative learning. (classroom activities)(includes related articles)EducationPelletier, Carol, Whalen, Susan, Stansbury, Michelle, Dunn, Judy Lee, Brandl, Becky, Fields, Jeannette
Writing often, writing well. (developing children's writing skills)(includes related article on workshop benefits)EducationAvery, Carol
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