International Journal of Offender Therapy & Comparative Criminology 1997 - Abstracts

International Journal of Offender Therapy & Comparative Criminology 1997
A formative evaluation of a drug-free unit in a correctional services setting.Psychology and mental healthKirby, Neil, Incorvaia, Daniela
An analysis of adolescent perpetrators of homicide and attempted homicide upon return to the community.Psychology and mental healthHagan, Michael P.
An assessment of the effectiveness of an intensive treatment program for severely mentally disturbed juvenile offenders.Psychology and mental healthHagan, Michael P., Cho, Meg E., Jensen, James A., King, James A.
A prison and a nursing home: any similarities?Psychology and mental healthScott, Edward M.
Associate editor's editorial: killing words.(Editorial)Psychology and mental healthHeide, Kathleen M.
Associate editor's editorial: to each its own. (shared functions of social institutions)(Editorial)Psychology and mental healthPalermo, George B.
Children in front of the bars. (children of prisoners)Psychology and mental healthNijnatten, Carolus van
Comments on the Correctory. (suggestion for an alternative method of imprisonment by Raymond Corsini)Psychology and mental healthTehrani, S. Muhammad M.J.
Comparison of early and late start models of delinquency in adult offenders.Psychology and mental healthVitelli, Romeo
Correlates of adolescent male sexual offense: prior adult sexual contact, sexual attitudes, and use of sexually explicit materials.Psychology and mental healthHarris, Richard (Irish actor), Zgourides, George, Monto, Martin
Correlates of visitation in a men's prison.Psychology and mental healthJackson, Penny, Templer, Donald I., Reimer, Wilbert, LeBaron, David
Editorial: when is a prisoner real? (Editorial)Psychology and mental healthScott, Edward M.
Empirical and theoretical considerations of empathy in sex offenders.Psychology and mental healthRoys, Deloris T.
Homicides in developing nations: results of research using a large and representative sample.Psychology and mental healthNeapolitan, Jerome L.
Loneliness in jail: a study of the loneliness of incarcerated men.Psychology and mental healthRokach, Ami, Koledin, Spomenka
Loneliness in jail: coping strategies.Psychology and mental healthRokach, Ami
Measuring conflict tactics in offender and nonoffender populations.Psychology and mental healthWolfus, Beverly, Stasiak, Eugene
Moral judgment by criminals and conformists as a tool for examination of sociological predictions.Psychology and mental healthWolf, Yuval, Addad, Moshe, Hoffman, Hanoch
Nurses' and patients' perceptions of the social climate in a forensic unit in Wales.Psychology and mental healthBurnard, Philip, Morrison, Paul, Phillips, Ceri
Problems with using official records from young offender institutions as indices of bullying.Psychology and mental healthPower, Kevin G., Dyson, Graham P., Wozniak, Edward
Response to Tehrani's comments regarding the Correctory. (response to article by S. Muhammad M.J. Tehrani in this issue, p. 151)Psychology and mental healthCorsini, Raymond J.
Sexual abuse of children: strengths and weaknesses of current criminology.Psychology and mental healthSchneider, Hans Joachim
Social support and psychological distress in a group of incarcerated young offenders.Psychology and mental healthPower, Kevin G., Biggam, Fiona H.
The deterrent effects of initial sanction on first-time apprehended shoplifters.Psychology and mental healthDeng, Xiaogang
The dilemmas of corrections and the legacy of David Fogel.Psychology and mental healthMaghan, Jess
The impact of mandatory relocation on female maximum security inmates.Psychology and mental healthBowman, Barbara J.
The psychosocial development of sex offenders: differences between exhibitionists, child molesters, and incest offenders.Psychology and mental healthMiner, Michael H., Dwyer, S. Margretta
The trouble with American forensic psychiatry.Psychology and mental healthColbach, Edward M.
The use of the early memories procedure in a psychotherapy group of substance abusers.Psychology and mental healthDemuth, Peter W., Bruhn, Arnold R.
Trafficking in human organs: an emerging form of white-collar crime?Psychology and mental healthFoster, Thomas W.
Wife assault treatment and criminal recidivism: an 11-year follow-up.Psychology and mental healthHart, Stephen D., Ogloff, James R.P., Dutton, Donald G., Bodnarchuk, Mark, Kropp, Randall
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