International Journal of Offender Therapy & Comparative Criminology 1999 - Abstracts

International Journal of Offender Therapy & Comparative Criminology 1999
A criminological research agenda for the next millennium.Psychology and mental healthFarrington, David P.
Associate editor's editorial: European criminology at the transition from the 20th to the 21st century.Psychology and mental healthSchneider, Hans Joachim
A ten-year longitudinal study of adolescent rapists upon return to the community.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthHagan, Michael P., Gust-Brey, Karyn L.
Bonds to the work unity and official offense status in urban China.Psychology and mental healthZhang, Lening, Messner, Steven F.
Comparison of sex offenders to nonoffenders on selected psychological measures.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthBrowne, Kevin, Beech, Anthony, Fisher, Dawn
Crime and chaos: applying nonlinear dynamic principles to problems in criminology.Psychology and mental healthWalters, Glenn D.
Criminals by choice.Psychology and mental healthSlovenko, Ralph
Criminology in the 21st century: foreseeable changes.(Editorial)Psychology and mental healthPalermo, Geroge B.
Delinquency and its prevention in China.Psychology and mental healthXiang, Guo
Factors affecting length of stay on maximum security in a forensic psychiatric hospital.Psychology and mental healthMoran, Marianne J., Fragala, M. Richard, Wise, Beverly F., Novak, Tammy Lynn
Family education for adults in correctional settings: a conceptual framework.Psychology and mental healthKlein, Shirley R., Bahr, Stephen J., Bartholomew, Geannina S.
Forensic DNA profiling in the 21st century.Psychology and mental healthFriedman, Alan L.
Forensic medicine in the next century: some ethical challenges.Psychology and mental healthArboleda-Florez, Julio, Taborda, Jose G. V.
Frequencies of child abuse in Japan: hidden but prevalent crime.Psychology and mental healthKitamura, Toshimori, Kijima, Nobuhiko, Iwata, Noboru, Senda, Yukiko, Takahashi, Koji, Hayashi, Ikue
Incarcerated men and the perceived sources of their loneliness.Psychology and mental healthRokach, Ami, Cripps, Janice E.
Marcel: a case report of a violent sexual psychopath in remission.Psychology and mental healthMartens, W.H.J.
Mass murder, suicide, and moral development: can we separate the adults from the juveniles?Psychology and mental healthPalermo, George B., Ross, Lee E.
Normalisation in an abnormal world: a study of prisoners with an intellectual disability.Psychology and mental healthGlaser, William, Deane, Kirsten
Perceptions of neighborhood safety and support for the reintroduction of capital punishment in Romania: results from a Bucuresti survey.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthKeil, Thomas J., Vito, Gennaro F., Andreescu, Viviana
Profiling killers: a revised model for understanding sexual murder.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthWalter, Richard, Keppel, Robert D.
Psychopathic and nonpsychopathic violence among alcoholic offenders.Psychology and mental healthWalsh, Thomas C.
Residential treatment programs for young offenders in Hong Kong: a report.Psychology and mental healthChui, Wing Hong
Rural juvenile first offenders describe what is working and what is not.Psychology and mental healthSmith, Marilyn, Evans, William, Usinger-Lesquereux, Janet
Social control, delinquency, and victimization among Kibbutz adolescents.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthCohen, Ben-Zion, Ziera, Ruth
Suicide in Italian prisons in 1996 and 1997: a descriptive epidemiological study.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthMancinelli, Iginia, Tatarelli, Roberto, Taggi, Franco, Polidori, Gabriella
The effects of parent education on parental locus of control and satisfaction of incarcerated fathers.Psychology and mental healthMarkstrom, Carol A., Wilczak, Ginger L.
The fallacy of reducing rape and violent recidivism by treating anger.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthLoza, Wagdy, Loza-Fanous, Amel
The freedom from violence program: an untraditional approach to violence management.Psychology and mental healthSoferr, Shimon
The impact of inmate characteristics on perceptions of race relations in prison.Psychology and mental healthHemmens, Craig, Marquart, James W.
The Minnesota SOST and sexual reoffending in North Dakota: a retrospective study.(sex offender screening test)Psychology and mental healthHanlon, Mark J., Larson, Stephen, Zacher, Sandy
The psychological typology of criminal homicidal aggression.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthKudryavtsev, Joseph A., Ratinova, Natalya A.
Therapeutic jurisprudence and the sentencing of sexual offenders in Canada.Psychology and mental healthPeebles, Jason E.
To get rich is glorious: rising expectations, declining control, and escalating crime in contemporary China.Psychology and mental healthDeng, Xiaogang, Cordilia, Ann
Type III trauma: toward a more effective conceptualization of psychological trauma.Psychology and mental healthHeide, Kathleen M., Solomon, Eldra P.
What works in adult sex offender treatment? A review of prison- and non-prison-based treatment programs.Psychology and mental healthMacKenzie, Doris Layton, Hickman, Laura J., Polizzi, Danielle M.
Working with sex offenders: the perceptions and experiences of professionals and paraprofessionals.Psychology and mental healthLea, Susan, Auburn, Tim, Kibblewhite, Karen
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