International Journal of Offender Therapy & Comparative Criminology 2003 - Abstracts

International Journal of Offender Therapy & Comparative Criminology 2003
A 14- to 24- year longitudinal study of a comprehensive sexual health model treatment program for adolescent sex offenders: predictors of successful completion and subsequent criminal recidivism.Psychology and mental healthSeabloom, William
A multivarate analysis of sex offender recidivism.Psychology and mental healthScalora, Mario J., Garbin, Calvin
An empirical assessment of content in criminal psychological profiles.Psychology and mental healthKocsis, Richard N.
An exploration of childhood victimization and family-of-origin characteristics of sexual offenders against children.Psychology and mental healthStirpe, Tania S., Stermac, Lana E.
Antisocial constructs in predicting institutional violence among violent offenders and child molesters.Psychology and mental healthKroner, Daryl G., Mills, Jeremy F.
A program analysis of Esuba: helping turn abuse around for inmates.Psychology and mental healthBedard, Laura E., Pate, Kerensa N., Roe-Sepowitz, Dominique E.
A study of the psychosexual characteristics of sex killers: can we identify them before it is too late?Psychology and mental healthLangevin, Ron
Battered woman syndrome testimony in Canada: its development and lingering issues.Psychology and mental healthTang, Kwong-leung
Building bridges between the parole officer and the families of serious juvenile offenders: a preliminary report on a family-based parole program.Psychology and mental healthGavazzi, Stephen M., Yarcheck, Courtney M., Rhine, Edward E., Partridge, Charles R.
Changing attitudes toward house arrest with electronic monitoring: the impact of a single presentation?Psychology and mental healthGainey, Randy R., Payne, Brian K.
Characteristics of individuals petitioned for civil commitment.Psychology and mental healthBecker, Judith V., Stinson, Jill, Tromp, Shannon, Messer, Gene
Cognitive ability and delinquent behavior among inner-city youth: a life-course analysis of main, mediating, and interaction effects.Psychology and mental healthMcGloin, Jean Marie, Pratt, Travis C.
Comparability of the MMPI-2 F(p) and F scales and the SIRS in clinical use with suspected malingeres.(Structured Interview of Reported Symptoms)Psychology and mental healthMoran, Marianne J., McCusker, Paul J., Serfass, Lisa, Peterson, Kevin H.
Criminal psychological profiling: validities and abilities.Psychology and mental healthKocsis, Richard N.
Differences in predictive validity of actuarial risk assessments in relation to sex offender type.Psychology and mental healthBartosh, Darci L.
Differential pharmacological treatment of paraphilias and sex offenders.Psychology and mental healthHill, Andreas
Dosage of treatment to sexual offenders: are we overprescribing?Psychology and mental healthMailloux, Donna L., Abracen, Jeffrey, Serin, Ralph, Cousineau, C., Malcolm, Bruce, Looman, Jan
Eastern Turkistan Islam movement: a case study of a new terrorist organization in China.Psychology and mental healthWang, John Z.
Economic crime: does personality matter?Psychology and mental healthAlallehto, Tage
Effect sizes in the treatment of sexual offenders.Psychology and mental healthMarshall, W.L.
Familial functioning as a support system for adolescents' postdetention success.Psychology and mental healthBrown, Randall, Killian, Eric, Evans, William P.
Female repeat offenders negotiating identity.Psychology and mental healthGeiger, Brenda, Fischer, Michael
Forensic mental health experts in the court- an ethical dilemma.(Editorial)Psychology and mental healthPalermo, George B.
From animal cruelty to serial murder: applying the graduation hypothesis.Psychology and mental healthWright, Jeremy; Hensley, Christopher
Outpatient civil commitment in Texas for management and treatment of sexually violent predators: a preliminary report.Psychology and mental healthMeyer, Walter J., III, Molett, Maria, Richards, C. David, Arnold, Liles, Latham, Janet
Persecutory ideation and depression in mild violence among incarcerated adult males.Psychology and mental healthBeal, Christopher A., Kroner, Daryl G., Weekes, John R.
Police corruption and psychological testing: a strategy for preemployment screening.Psychology and mental healthArrigo, Bruce A., Claussen, Natalie
Preventing filicide in families with autistic children.Psychology and mental healthPalermo, Mark
Prisoners' perception of informing to the authorities: an analysis in terms of functional moral judgement.Psychology and mental healthWolf, Yuval, Addad, Moshe, Arkin, Nilly
Prisons in the heart of the city.(Editorial)Psychology and mental healthTournier, Pierre V.
Race and problem drug use in an English city.Psychology and mental healthKalunta-Crumpton, Anita
Sex offending and sexual appetite: the clinical and theoretical relevance of hypersexual desire.Psychology and mental healthKafka, Martin P.
Sexualization and lifestyle impulsivity: clinically valid discriminators in sexual offenders.Psychology and mental healthEher, Reinhard
Sexual sadism.Psychology and mental healthBerner, Wolfgang
Short-term outcomes for offenders with mental illness released from incarceration.Psychology and mental healthHartwell, Stephanie
Standardized assessment of substance-related, other psychiatric, and comorbid disorders among probationers.Psychology and mental healthLurigio, Arthur J.
Substance use, health, and mental health: problems and service utilization among incarcerated women.Psychology and mental healthLeukefeld, Carl, Staton, Michele, Webster, J. Matthew
Survival analysis of criminal recidivism of boot camp graduates using elements from general and developmental explanatory models.Psychology and mental healthBenda, Brent B.
Terrorism and mental illness: Is there a relationship?Psychology and mental healthWeatherson, David
The effectiveness of relapse prevention with offenders: a meta-analys.Psychology and mental healthDowden, Craig, Antonowicz, Daniel, Andrews, D.A.
The inpatient evaluation and treatment of a self-professed budding serial killer.Psychology and mental healthReisner, Andrew; McGee, Mark; Noffsinger, Stephen
Therapeutic communities and prison management: an examination of the effects of operating an in-prison therapeutic community on levels of institutional disorder.Psychology and mental healthDietz, Erik Faust, O'Connell, Daniel J., Scarpitti, Frank R.
Treating impulsivity, irritability, and aggression of antisocial personality disorder with Quetiapine.Psychology and mental healthWalker, Candace, Thomas, Janice, Allen, Timothy S.
Visual versus narrative case material: the impact on criminal psychological profiling.Psychology and mental healthKocsis, Richard N.
What differentiates anal rapists from vaginal rapists?Psychology and mental healthEher, Reinhard, Neuwirth, Wolfgang
Youth homicide: a review of the literature and a blueprint for action.Psychology and mental healthHeide, Kathleen M.
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