International Journal of Offender Therapy & Comparative Criminology 2006 - Abstracts

International Journal of Offender Therapy & Comparative Criminology 2006
A case of Munchausen syndrome by proxy with subsequent stalking behavior.Psychology and mental healthReisner, Andrew D.
Acceptance and completion of treatment among sex offenders.Psychology and mental healthLangevin, Ron
Advancing institutional anomie theory: A microlevel examination connecting culture, institutions, and deviance.Psychology and mental healthMuftic, Lisa R.
Affective determinants of treatment engagement in violent offenders.Psychology and mental healthDay, Andrew, Howells, Kevin
Are effective drug courts an urban phenomenon?Psychology and mental healthGalloway, Alyson L., Drapela, Laurie A.
A test of Hirschi's social bonding theory.Psychology and mental healthOzbay, Ozden, Ozcan, Yusuf, Ziya
Celebrity stalking, homicide and suicide: A psychological autopsy .Psychology and mental healthSchlesinger, Louis B.
Classic Strain theory and gender: The case of Turkey.Psychology and mental healthOzbay, Ozden, Ozcan, Yusuf Ziya
Correlates of subjective stress among drug court clients.Psychology and mental healthLeukefeld, Carl G., Webster, J. Matthew, Tindall, Michele Staton, Garrity, Thomas F., Prewitt, Sallie H., Joosen, Michelle, Hiller, Matthew L.
Crime, prostitution, drugs, and malingered insanity: Female offenders' resistant strategies to abuse and domination.Psychology and mental healthGeiger, Brenda
Deterrence and arrest ratios.Psychology and mental healthPiquero, Alex R., Carmichael, Stephanie E.
Diversion from youth courts in five Asia Pacific jurisdictions: Welfare or restorative solutions.Psychology and mental healthWong, Dennis S.W., T. Wing Lo, Maxwell, Gabrielle M.
DNA evidence in rape cases and the Debbie Smith Act: Forensic practice and criminal justice implications.Psychology and mental healthArrigo, Bruce A., Telsavaara, Terhi V.T.
Effect of test administration set on the psychological inventory of criminal thinking styles (PICTS).Psychology and mental healthWalters, Glenn D.
Externalizing and oppositional behaviors and Karate-do: The way of crime prevention.Psychology and mental healthPasqualetti, Patrizio, Palermo, Mark T., Luigi, Massimo Di, Forno, Gloria Dal, Domnici, Cinzia, Vicomandi, David, Sambucioni, Augusto, Proietti, Luca
Facing rejection: New relationships, broken relationships, shame and stalking.Psychology and mental healthDennison, Susan M., Stewart, Anna
Factors predicting selection of sexually violent predators for civil commitment.Psychology and mental healthLevenson, Jill S., Morin, John W.
Gender disparity in criminal offenses among persons of high IQ.Psychology and mental healthMonk-Turner, Elizabeth, Oleson, James, Cortez, Paul, Dean, Daniel, Trach, Greg, Kracke, Cole, Harmon, Jennifer, Restituto, Peter
Impulsivity and schemas for a hostile world: Postdictors of violent behavior.Psychology and mental healthSeager, James A., James, Matthew
Is money laundering a true problem in China?Psychology and mental healthHe Ping
Is Schizoid personality a forerunner of homicidal or suicidal behavior? A case study.Psychology and mental healthLoza, Wagdy, Hanna, Samia
Juvenile female and male offenders: A comparison of offender, victim and judicial processing characteristics.Psychology and mental healthVandiver, Donna M., Teske, Raymond, Jr.
Locus of control and sex offenders with an intellectual disability.Psychology and mental healthLangdon, Peter E.
Maternal cigarette smoking during pregnancy and criminal/deviant behavior: A meta-analysis.Psychology and mental healthPratt, Travis C.
Out on the town.(alcohol abuse)Psychology and mental healthSharp, Douglas, Atherton, Susie R.
Parricides in the media: A content analysis of available reports across cultures.Psychology and mental healthHeide, Kathleen M., Boots, Denise Paquette
Perceived parental care and supervision: Relations with cognitive representations of future offending in a sample of young offenders.Psychology and mental healthKiriakidis, Stavros P.
Personality disorders and romantic adult attachment: A comparison of secure and insecure attached child molesters.Psychology and mental healthBogaerts, Stefan, Vanheule, Stijn, Desmet, Mattias
Psychological treatment of men convicted of gender violence: A plot study in Spanish prisons.Psychology and mental healthFernandez-Montalvo, Javier, Echeburua, Enrique, Amor, Pedro J.
Reflections on a young offender's institution: Communication- a need, a want, a right.Psychology and mental healthForrester-Jones, Rachel
Rehabilitation and resettlement: A study of prolific offender case management in Birmingham, United Kingdom.Psychology and mental healthMillie, Andrew, Erol, Rosie
Risk principle of case classification in correctional treatment: A meta -analytic investigation.Psychology and mental healthDowden, Craig, Andrews, D.A.
Screening for suicide among juvenile delinquents: Reliability and validity evidence for the Suicide Screening Inventory (SSI).Psychology and mental healthKaczmarek, Teri L., Hagan, Michael, Kettler, Ryan J.
Social support, spiritual program and addiction recovery.Psychology and mental healthChen, Gila
Structured assessment of correctional adaptation (SACA): A measure of the impact of incarceration on the mentally ill in a therapeutic setting.Psychology and mental healthRosenfeld, Barry, Carr, W. Amory, Rotter, Merrill, Steinbacher, Michael, Green, Debbie, Goldberg, Sara, Dole, Tia, Garcia-Mansilla, Alexandra
The effect of psychotherapy on self-awareness in incarcerated and nonincarcerated alcoholics.Psychology and mental healthZylicz, Piotr Olaf, Slaski, Slawomir
The meaning of anger for Australian indigenous offenders: The significance of context.Psychology and mental healthDay, Andrew, Howells, Kevin, Davey, Linda, Wanganeen, Rosemary, DeSantolo, Jason, Nakata, Martin
The Personal Concerns Inventory (Offender Adaptation): Measuring and enhancing motivation to change.Psychology and mental healthCox, W. Miles, Klinger, Eric, Sellen, Joselyn L., McMurran, Mary, Theodosi, Eleni
The relationship between moral reasoning, provictim attitudes, and interpersonal aggression among imprisoned young offenders.Psychology and mental healthPalmer, Emma J., Begum, Asia
The terrorist mind: I. A psychological and political analysis.Psychology and mental healthMiller, Laurence
The terrorist mind II. Typologies, psychopathologies and practical guidelines for investigation.Psychology and mental healthMiller, Laurence
Treating sexual offenders with learning disabilities in the community.Psychology and mental healthStringer, Ian, Craig, Leam A., Moss, Tania
Use of the Psychological Inventory of Criminal Thinking Style to predict disciplinary adjustment in male inmate program participants.Psychology and mental healthWalters, Glenn D.
Validities and abilities in criminal profiling: A critique of the studies conducted by Richard Kocsis and his colleagues.Psychology and mental healthBennell, Craig, Taylor, Paul J., Snook, Brent, Jones, Natalie J.
Validities and abilities in criminal profiling: The dilemma for David Canter's investigative psychology.Psychology and mental healthKocsis, Richard N.
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