International Social Work 2001 - Abstracts

International Social Work 2001
Africentric social work practice: the new approach for social work practice intervention in the 21st century.Sociology and social workDaniels, Jean E.
A global perspective on social security programs for the unemployed.Sociology and social workDixon, John
AIDS-related knowledge, attitudes and behavior among urban youths in Zambia: results from a pilot study.Sociology and social workSlonim-Nevo, Vered, Mukuka, Lawrence, Tembo, Robert
Bullying as a social malady in contemporary Japan.Sociology and social workTreml, Jacqueline Noel
Chinese corpus, western application: the Chinese strategy of engagement with western social work discourse.Sociology and social workA. Ka Tat Tsang, Miu-Chung Yan
Culture and child welfare: insights from New Zealand.Sociology and social workErnst, Joy Swanson
Deconstructing the journey form assimilation to acculturation in academia.Sociology and social workKissman, Kris
Fostering social capital through NGO design: Grameen Bank membership in Bangladesh.(non-governmental organization)Sociology and social workLarance, Lisa Young
Helena Radlinska: expanding conceptualizations of social work practice from Poland's past.Sociology and social workBrainerd, Mary Deller
Help-seeking experiences of Hong Kong social work students: implications for professional training.(Statistical Data Included)Sociology and social workRudowicz, Elisabeth, Au, Elaine
How green is the environment in social work?Sociology and social workMarlow, Christine, Van Rooyen, Colin
Latino immigrants in the borderlands: transcultural lessons from the academy.Sociology and social workMartinez-Brawley, Emilia E., Zorita, Paz M.-B.
Managing the quality paradox: producing welfare services in a turbulent environment.(Statistical Data Included)Sociology and social workBreda, Jef, Crets, Stefan
Mental health needs among Cambodian refugees in Utah.(Statistical Data Included)Sociology and social workBlair, Robert G.
Occupational social work and job retention supports: an international perspective.Sociology and social workIversen, Roberta Rehner
Participatory action research and social work: a critical appraisal.Sociology and social workHealy, Karen
Participatory developmental research: a working model.Sociology and social workCoughlan, F.J., Collins, K.J.
Partnership in education: an Australian school of social work and a south Indian primary health care project.Sociology and social workTesoriero, Frank, Rajaratnam, Abel
Politically oriented social work intervention.Sociology and social workShamai, Michal, Boehm, Amnon
Social work education and practice: planning for the future.Sociology and social workShera, Wes, Bogo, Marion
Social workers' recommendations on the non-custodial father's visitation rights with his preschool children.Sociology and social workCohen, Orna, Shnit, Dan
States in transition: family and health care policy in Moldova.Sociology and social workImbrogno, Salvatore
The impact of gender disempowerment on the welfare of Zimbabwean women.Sociology and social workKawewe, Saliwe M.
The least detrimental alternative: deciding whether to remove children at risk from their homes.(Statistical Data Included)Sociology and social workDavidson, Bilha, Wozner, Yochanan
The quest for relevance: towards a conceptual model of developmental social work education and training in Africa.Sociology and social workMupedziswa, Rodreck
The self-concept of adolescent girls in non-relative versus kin foster care.(Statistical Data Included)Sociology and social workMosek, Atalia, Adler, Leah
Users' views of an outreach social work team in Hong Kong.Sociology and social workWing Hong Chui
Women's contradictory roles in the community: a case study of the Community Development Project in Taiwan.Sociology and social workHuang, Yen-Yi
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