Journal of Accounting, Auditing & Finance - Abstracts

Journal of Accounting, Auditing & Finance
Accounting for Savings and Loan Mergers: Conflict and Accounting Error.Banking, finance and accounting industriesHolzmann, O.J., Means, K.M.
Accounting Liabilities under the Multiemployer Pension Plan Amendments Act.Banking, finance and accounting industriesWerner, C.A., Kostolansky, J.W.
Are the Big 8 Increasing Their Share of the NYSE, AMEX, and OTC Audit Markets?Banking, finance and accounting industriesMcConnell, D.K.Jr.
Auditing DevelopmentsBanking, finance and accounting industriesSerlin, J.E.
Do We Need Sunset Requirements for FASB Requirements?Banking, finance and accounting industriesBublitz, B., Kee, R.
Hedge Accounting for Anticipatory Hedges of Short- Term Liabilities.Banking, finance and accounting industriesAdams, K.O.
Independence and Auditor Sanctions.Banking, finance and accounting industriesSt. Pierre, K.
Pension Reporting by Municipalities.Banking, finance and accounting industriesEngstrom, J.H.
Recent Developments in Taxation.Banking, finance and accounting industriesCostello, J.M.
Replacement Decisions under the Accelerated Cost Recovery System.Banking, finance and accounting industriesHawkins, C.A., Girard, D.
Sape-Harbor Leasing - Unraveling the Tax Implications.Banking, finance and accounting industriesEverett, J.O., Porter, G.A.
The Recovery of Nuclear Power Plant Decommissioning Costs by Public Utilities.Banking, finance and accounting industriesChan, K.H., Cheng, T.T.
The SEC's Role in Financial Disclosure.Banking, finance and accounting industriesCongstreth, B.
Views from Abroad: Japan.Banking, finance and accounting industriesFreitas, L.P.
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