Journal of American Studies 2005 - Abstracts

Journal of American Studies 2005
Calvin Coolidge's tragic presidency: The political effects of bereavement and depression.Regional focus/area studiesGilbert, Robert E.
Clockwork nation: Modern time moral perfectionism and American identity in Catherine Beecher and Henry Thoreau.Regional focus/area studiesAllen, Thomas
"Created Space": Mapping America as poem in Gary Snyder's Mountains and Rivers Without End and Susan Howe's Secret History of the Dividing Line.Regional focus/area studiesSelby, Nick
"Don't sleep with Stevens!" The J.P. Stevens boycott and social activism in the 1970s.Regional focus/area studiesMinchin, Timothy J.
Easterners go west: English sparrows, immigrants, and the nature of fear.Regional focus/area studiesCoates, Peter
From Swarthy Ape to Sympathetic Everyman and Subversive Trickster: The development of Irish caricature in American comic strips between 1890 and 1920.Regional focus/area studiesSoper, Kerry
George Oppen in exile: Mexico and Maritain.Regional focus/area studiesNicholls, Peter
Hawthorne, pearl and the primal sin of culture.(Nathaniel Hawthorne)Regional focus/area studiesBudick, Emily Miller
"I was going to build a new Republican party and a new majority": Richard Nixon as party leader, 1969-1973.Regional focus/area studiesMason, Robert
Losing grip: Emerson, Leroux and the work of identity.Regional focus/area studiesMcClelland, James
Marcus Cunliffe writes America.Regional focus/area studiesGidley, Mick
Masterful women: Colonial women slaveholders in the urban low country.Regional focus/area studiesDornan, Inge
Missing intertexts: Hannah Crafts's The Bondwoman's Narrative and African American literary history.Regional focus/area studiesLustig, Tim, Ballinger, Gill, Townshend, Dale
Rebirth of a nation: Frederick Douglass as postwar founder in Life and Times.Regional focus/area studiesTang, Edward
Some notes about Arthur Miller's drama in Francois Spain: Towards a European history of Miller.(Critical essay)Regional focus/area studiesRomero, Ramon Espejo
The Bondswoman's Narrative: Text, paratext, interext and hypertext.Regional focus/area studiesBerner, Celexte-Marie, Newman, Judie
The British discovery of American history: War, liberalism and the Atlantic connection.Regional focus/area studiesHeale, Michael
"To get quit of Negroes": George Washington and slavery.Regional focus/area studiesMorgan, Philip D.
Whitewashed exteriors: Mark Twain's imitation whites.(The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn)Regional focus/area studiesGair, Christopher
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