Journal of American Studies 2006 - Abstracts

Journal of American Studies 2006
Acquiring "knowledge of our own continent": Geopolitics, Science and Jeffersonian Geography, 1783-1803.Regional focus/area studiesAllen, Deborah
"Adventuring through the pieces of a still unorganized mosaic": Reading Jean Toomer's collage aesthetic in Cane.(Critical essay)Regional focus/area studiesFarebrother, Rachel
Body, word, and photograph: Sylvia Plath's cold war collage and the Thalidomide scandal.Regional focus/area studiesPeel, Robin
Buster Keaton and the South: The first things and the last.(Biography)Regional focus/area studiesBilton, Alan
Carrying the burden of representation: Paul Auster's 'The Book of Illusions'.Regional focus/area studiesPeacock, Jim
Dislocations of the self: Eliza Franham at Sing Sing Prison.Regional focus/area studiesFloyd, Janet
Don DeLillo's transatlantic dialogue with Sergei Eisenstein.Regional focus/area studiesMorley, Catherine
Embodying and transgressing race in the novels of John Gregory Brown.(Critical essay)Regional focus/area studiesMichailidou, Artemis
From Toscanini to Tennessee: Robert Riskin, the OWI and the construction of American propaganda in World War II.(Office of War Information)Regional focus/area studiesScott, Ian
Guantanamo, Eatonville, Accompong: Barbecue and the Diaspora in the writings of Zora Neale Hurston.Regional focus/area studiesWarnes, Andrew
"Latent color" and "exaggerated snow": whiteness and race in Harriet Prescott Spofford's "The Amber Gods".Regional focus/area studiesEllis, R.J.
Neoconservation prefigured: The Social Democratic League of America and the Anticommunists of the Anglo-American Right, 1917-21.Regional focus/area studiesRuotsila, Markku
Race and the politics of memory: Mark Twain and Paul Laurence Dunbar.Regional focus/area studiesFishkin, Shelley Fisher
Spirited away: The death of Little Eva and the farewell performances of "Katie King".(Critical essay)Regional focus/area studiesBennett, Bridget
Susan Howe's Renaissance period: Metamorphosis and representation in Pythagorean Silence and Defenestration of Prague.(Critical essay)Regional focus/area studiesMontgomery, Will
Titans/planners, Bohemians/revolutionaries: Male empowerment in the 1930s.Regional focus/area studiesAbbott, Philip
Visions of diversity: Cultural pluralism and the nation in the folk music revival movement of the United States and Canada, 1958-65.Regional focus/area studiesMitchell, Gillian A.M.
Watch this space: Civil liberties, concept wars and the future of urban fortress.Regional focus/area studiesBrewley-Taylor, David R.
"Well intended liberal slop": Allegories of race in Spiegelman's Maus.(Art Spiegelman)(Critical essay)Regional focus/area studiesLoman, Andrew
William S. Burroughs's Cities of the Red Night trilogy: Writing outer space.(Critical essay)Regional focus/area studiesHouen, Alex
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