Journal of American Studies 2007 - Abstracts

Journal of American Studies 2007
A new "Romen" empire: Toni Morrison's Love and the classics.(Critical essay)Regional focus/area studiesRoynon, Tessa
Attempting to secure an "orderly evolution": American Foundations, The Hague Academy of International Law and the third world.(Organization overview)Regional focus/area studiesScott-Smith, Giles
From memory to memorial: representative men in the sculpture of Daniel Chester French.Regional focus/area studiesKowalski, J.Philip
Ghetto formation and armed resistance in East St. Louis, Illinois.Regional focus/area studiesMclaughlin, Malcolm
Historicizing the transnational: Robert Coover, Kathy Acker and the rewriting of British cultural history, 1970-1997.Regional focus/area studiesGiles, Paul
In chains 400 years.... and still in chains in DC! The 1966 free DC movement and the challenges of organizing in the city.Regional focus/area studiesMaddison, Catherine
"It reads like a novel": the 9/11 Commission Report and the American reading public.Regional focus/area studiesWarren, Craig A.
On cowboys and welfare queens: independence, dependence, and interdependence at home and abroad.Regional focus/area studiesBoris, Eileen
One nation under God: making historical sense of evangelical Protestantism in contemporary American politics.(Essay)Regional focus/area studiesNewman, Simon P.
Race, gender, and space exploration: a chapter in the social history of the space age.Regional focus/area studiesMcQuaid, Kim
Rememories of Nevada: tracing lineages of the present.Regional focus/area studiesWhite, Jonathan
Representative man: John Brown and the politics of redemption in Russell Bank's Cloudsplitter.(Critical essay)Regional focus/area studiesHutchinson, Anthony
Spectacular expectations: women, law and film.(Critical essay)Regional focus/area studiesMacpherson, Heidi Slettedahl
The democracy-promotion gap in American public opinion.Regional focus/area studiesTures, John
The law of the father, the law of the land: power, gender and race in The Shield.(Critical essay)Regional focus/area studiesChopra-Gant, Mike
Thomas Morton: from Merry Old England to New England.Regional focus/area studiesHeath, William
Thomas Satterwhite Noble's Mulattos: from barefoot Madonna to Maggie the Ripper.Regional focus/area studiesMorgan, Jo-Ann
What's so funny about Richard Nixon? Vonnegut's Jailbird and the limits of comedy.(Critical essay)Regional focus/area studiesKaufman, Will
''Where's the spinning wheel?'' Frank Sinatra and working-class alienation in Young at heart.(Critical essay)Regional focus/area studiesMcnally, Karen
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