Journal of Business Finance and Accounting 1995 - Abstracts

Journal of Business Finance and Accounting 1995
A comparative analysis of the characteristics of international takeovers.BusinessChan, Kam C., Cheng, Louis T.W.
A market based analysis of income smoothing.BusinessWootton, Charles W., Michelson, Stuart E., Jordan-Wagner, James
An empirical analysis of the causal relationship between short interest and stock prices.BusinessGunay, Erdal, Aksu, Celal
An empirical analysis of warrant prices versus long-term call option prices.BusinessVeld, Chris, Verboven, Adri
An empirical study of the information content of accounting earnings, funds flows and cash flows in the UK. (Special Issue on Finance and Market Based Accounting Research)BusinessClubb, Colin D.B.
An examination of beta estimation using daily Irish data.BusinessMurray, Louis
An examination of debt-equity proxies vs. actual debt covenant restrictions in accounting choice studies.BusinessHunt, Herbert G., III, Duke, Joanne C., Franz, David P.
An examination of international equity markets using American Depositary Receipts (ADRs).BusinessWebb, Shelly E., Officer, Dennis T., Boyd, Bryan E.
An examination of the selectivity and market timing performance of UK unit trusts. (Special Issue on Finance and Market Based Accounting Research)BusinessFletcher, Jonathan
Asset allocation and the equity premium puzzle.BusinessHlawitschka, Walter, Tucker, Michael
A test of the control hypothesis of bond creation.BusinessAkhigbe, Aigbe, Harikumar, T.
Auditor switching: the pricing of audit services.BusinessHoughton, K.A., Butterworth, S.
Capital budgeting, debt management and the APV criterion. (adjusted present value)BusinessClubb, Colin D.B., Doran, Paul
Competence and independence: the congenial twins of auditing?BusinessLee, Tom, Stone, Mary
Decentralization, management accounting system (MAS) information characteristics and their interaction effects on managerial performance: a Singapore study.BusinessYew Ming Chia
Determinants of Eurobonds yields.BusinessAdedeji, Abimbola, McCosh, Andrew M.
Determining the stage at which it is appropriate to recognise profit under long-term contracts.BusinessBarlev, Benzion
Dividend initiation announcement effects and the firm's information environment.BusinessOwers, James E., Mitra, Devashis
Earnings management and the economy sector hypothesis: empirical evidence on a converse relationship in the Finnish case.BusinessKasanen, Eero, Niskanen, Jyrki, Kinnunen, Juha
Empirical irregularities in the estimation of beta: the impact of alternative estimation assumptions and procedures. (Special Issue on Finance and Market Based Accounting Research)BusinessPaudyal, Krishna, Draper, Paul
Estimating the permanent component of UK stock prices using multivariate evidence on both prices and dividends.BusinessMills, Terence C.
Evidence on negative earnings response coefficients.BusinessSchroeder, Douglas A.
Evolution and change: an analysis of the first decade of the UK venture capital industry.BusinessMurray, Gordon C.
Financial statements, investment analyst forecasts and abnormal returns.BusinessDowen, Richard J., Bauman, W. Scott
Further notes on estimating economic returns from published accounting statements.BusinessSteele, Anthony
Information content of financial leverage; an empirical study: a comment.BusinessBowman, Robert G.
Insider trading activity surrounding annual earnings announcements.BusinessLoeb, Martin P., Park, Sechoul, Jang, H. Jonathan
Interdependence of Asian emerging equity markets.BusinessCheung, Yan-Leung, Hung, Bill Wan-Sing
Internal cash flow, insider ownership, and capital expenditures: a test of the pecking order and managerial hypotheses.BusinessGordon, Lawrence A., Griner, Emmett H.
Intraday returns and the day-end effect: evidence from the Hong Kong equity market.BusinessCheung, Yan-leung
Investment analyst recommendations: a test of 'the announcement effect' and 'the valuable information effect.'BusinessDatta, Sudip, Bauman, W. Scott, Iskandar-Datta, Mai E.
Log-normality and arbitrage free bounds on the distribution range of zero-coupon pure discount bond returns.BusinessPrakash, Arun J., Smyser, Michael W., Hamid, Shahid S.
Management buy-outs in the short and long term.BusinessWright, Mike, Robbie, Ken, Thompson, Steve, Wong, Pauline
Modelling stock market volatility in Australia.BusinessNicholls, Des, Tonuri, David
New evidence on predictability in world equity markets.BusinessDeFina, Robert H., Cochran, Steven J.
On modeling cross sectional distributions of financial ratios.BusinessLau, Hon-Shiang, Gribbin, Donald W., Hing-Ling, Amy
On the dynamics of stock index futures and individual stock returns. (Special Issue on Finance and Market Based Accounting Research)BusinessMartikainen, Teppo, Puttonen, Vesa, Perttunen, Jukka
On the eigen structure of the mean variance efficient set.BusinessSteele, A.
On the inflation risk premium.BusinessLee, Cheng F., Chu, Quentin C., Pittman, Deborah N.
Relationship between volatility and expected returns across international stock markets.BusinessTheodossiou, Panayiotis, Lee, Unro
Return earnings regressions and residual income: empirical evidence. (Special Issue on Finance and Market Based Accounting Research)BusinessO'Hanlon, J.
Share price anticipation of earnings and the effect of earnings persistence and firm size. (Special Issue on Finance and Market Based Accounting Research)BusinessWalker, Martin, Donnely, Raymond
Short-term abnormal returns of the contrarian strategy in the Japanese stock market.BusinessRhee, S. Ghon, Chang, Rosita P., McLeavey, D.W.
Specification tests of a market model of Asia-Pacific stock returns: Thailand and Hong Kong.BusinessCheung, Yan-Leung, Woo, Chi-Keung, Lai, Aaron
Stock market reaction to German reunification.BusinessSultan, Jahangir
Stock price reactions to voluntary versus mandatory social actions: the case of South African divestiture.BusinessLee, Sang H., Mukherjee, Tarun K., Hingorani, Vineeta L.
Tax clienteles of depreciable real estate investments in the USA.BusinessEbrahim, M. Shahid
Term structure volatility and Bund futures embedded options. (Special Issue on Finance and Market Based Accounting Research)BusinessPaxson, Dean A., Lin, Bing-Huei
Tests of the Value Line ranking system: some international evidence.BusinessChamberlain, Trevor W., Cheung, C. Sherman, Kwan, Clarence C.Y.
The accuracy and rationality of earnings forecasts by UK analysts. (Special Issue on Finance and Market Based Accounting Research)BusinessCapstaff, John, Paudyal, Krishna, Rees, William
The Bayesian random coefficient market model in event studies: the case of earnings announcements.BusinessAhn, Byungjun, Sung, Hyun Mo
The CAPM, the APT and a contingent claims model of a securities house.BusinessClare, Andrew
The conditional relationship between financial leverage and corporate investment: further clarification.BusinessKang, Joseph C.
The cost of capital under conditions of personal taxes and inflation.BusinessAmoako-Adu, Ben, Rashid, M.
The differential information contents of unexpected permanent and temporary earnings.BusinessParkash, Mohinder
The distribution of reversals and continuations and tests for intraday market efficiency.BusinessGosnell, Thomas F.
The effect of after-hours announcements on the intraday U-shaped volume pattern.BusinessAtkins, Allen B., Basu, Somnath
The effect of price limits on stock price volatility: empirical evidence in Korea.BusinessLee, Sang-Bin, Kim, Kwang-Jung
The financial performance of ethical investment funds.BusinessMallin, C.A., Saadouni, B., Briston, R.J.
The incremental effect of narrative accounting information in corporate annual reports.BusinessSmith, Malcolm, Taffler, Richard
The incremental information content of earnings, funds flow and cash flow: the UK evidence. (Special Issue on Finance and Market Based Accounting Research)BusinessAli, Ashiq, Pope, Peter F.
The information content of firm financial disclosures.BusinessTaffler, Richard J., Rippington, Frederick A.
The information content of interim financial reports: UK evidence.BusinessOpong, Kwaku K.
The information content of security analyses: evidence from Standard & Poor's common stock quality ranking changes.BusinessHearth, Douglas, Liu, Pu, Felton, James
The integration and efficiency of international bond markets.BusinessThomas, Stephen H., Clare, Andrew D., Maras, Michael
The lead-lag effect between large and small firms: evidence from Finland.BusinessMartikainen, Teppo, Puttonen, Vesa, Perttunen, Jukka
The leverage effect in individual stocks and the debt to equity ratio.BusinessSaidi, Reza, Koutmos, Gregory
The Overreaction Hypothesis and the UK stockmarket.BusinessThomas, Stephen, Clare, Andrew
The relation between predisclosure information and the dispersion of financial analysts' forecasts of earnings.BusinessCho, Jang Y., Harter, Charles
The relative volatility of the markets in equities and index futures.BusinessBoard, John, Sutcliffe, Charles
The UK stock market and economic factors: a new approach. (Special Issue on Finance and Market Based Accounting Research)BusinessCheng, Arnold C.S.
Valuation effects from issuing zero-coupon debt.BusinessAkhigbe, Aigbe, Madura, Jeff, Spencer, Carolyn
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