Journal of Business Finance and Accounting 1997 - Abstracts

Journal of Business Finance and Accounting 1997
Accounting losses and earnings response coefficients: the impact of leverage and growth opportunities.BusinessMartikainen, Minna
A comparative analysis of the market model and the multiple-factor market model.BusinessConover, Teresa L.
A description and market analysis of write-off announcements.BusinessBunsis, Howard
Agency and tax explanations of security issuance decisions.BusinessRyan, James (Irish novelist), Walsh, Eamonn J.
Agency, bid resistance and the market for corporate control.BusinessHoll, Peter, Kyriazis, Dimitris
An empirical study of volatility in seven Southeast Asian stock markets using ARV models. (Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong; Autoregressive Random Variance)BusinessSo, Mike K.P., Lam, k., Li, W.K.
An examination of the long run performance of UK acquiring firms.BusinessGregory, Alan
A note on selecting a response measure for financial distress.BusinessWard, Terry J., Foster, Benjamin P.
A simulation-based investigation of errors in accounting-based surrogates for internal rate of return.BusinessDugan, Michael T., Fritsche, Steven R.
A survey of managerial incentives and investment bias - common structure but differing assumptions.BusinessBohlin, Erik
Boundary conditions for ratios with positively distributed components.BusinessMcLeay, Stuart
Capital adequacy, bank mergers, and the medium of payment.BusinessMichaely, Roni, Swary, Itzhak, Grullon, Gustavo
Compliance costs of corporate income taxation in Singapore.BusinessLoh, Alfred L.C., Ismail, Zubaidah, Ariff, Mohamed
Consistency of UK pension fund investment performance.BusinessDraper, Paul, Brown, Gavin, McKenzie, Eddie
Contrarian investment strategies in a European context.BusinessVeld, Chris, Brouwer, Iwan, Put, Jeroen van der
Corporate sales, predisclosure information, and return variability.BusinessBlazenko, George W.
Deposit insurance, capital adequacy requirements and interest rate dynamics.BusinessKarels, Gordon V., Prakash, Arun J., Geppert, John M.
Discussion of 'Agency and Tax Explanations of Security Issuance Decisions.' (response to Eamonn J. Walsh and James Ryan in this issue, p. 943)BusinessAdedeji, Abimbola
Discussion of 'Agency, Bid Resistance and the Market for Corporate Control.' (response to Peter Holl and Dimitris Kyriazis, p. 1037)BusinessWright, Mike
Discussion of 'An Examination of the Long Run Performance of UK Acquiring Firms.' (response to Alan Gregory in this issue, p. 971)BusinessLimmack, Robin J.
Discussion of 'Laboratory Evidence on How Managers Intuitively Value Real Options.' (response to Sydney D. Howell and Axel J. Jagle in this issue, p. 915)BusinessPike, Richard
Discussion of 'Microstructure and Seasonality in the UK Equity Market.' (response to Paul Draper and Krishna Paudyal in this issue, p. 1177)BusinessCoutts, J. Andrew
Discussion of 'Modelling Takeover Likelihood.' (response to Ronan G. Powell in this issue, p. 1009)BusinessThomas, Hardy M.
Discussion of 'Models of Capital Investments with Private Information and Incentives: A Selective Review.' (response to Rick Antle and John Fellingham in this issue, p. 887)BusinessWalker, Martin
Discussion of 'The Garman-Ohlson Structural System.' (response to M. Tippett and Teresa Warnock in this issue, p. 1075)BusinessAshton, David
Discussion of 'The Impact of Dividends, Debt, and Investment on Valuation Models.' (response to William P. Reese in this issue, p. 1111)BusinessStrong, Norman C.
Discussion of 'The Incremental Information Content of Accruals: Evidence Based on the Exponential Smoothing of Levels and Trends in Pre-Tax Earnings, Funds Flow and Cash Flow.' (response to Stuart McLeay, John Kassab and Mahmoud Helan in this issue, p. 1147)BusinessClubb, Colin D.B.
Do assumptions about factor structure matter in empirical tests of the APT? (Arbitrage Pricing Theory)BusinessPriestley, Richard, Garrett, Ian
Do stock market investors overreact?BusinessDissanaike, Gishan
Estimation of internal rate of return under nonsteady conditions.BusinessLaitinen, Erkki K.
Ethical unit trust financial performance: small company effects and fund size effects.BusinessGregory, Alan, Luther, Robert, Matatko, John
Federal Reserve monetary policy and industry stock returns.BusinessJohnson, Robert R., Bauman, W. Scott, Jensen, Gerald R.
Financial ratio cross-section dynamics: a non-parametric approach.BusinessRoodhooft, Filip, Konings, Jozef
From T-bills to stocks: seasonal anomalies revisited. (treasury bills; January seasonality)BusinessChen, Carl R., Chan, Anthony
Glamour and value strategies on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.BusinessCai, Jun
Information disclosure to employees and rational expectations: a game-theoretical perspective.BusinessWalker, Martin, Frantz, Pascal
Information disclosure to employees and rational expectations: a game theoretical perspective: a comment. (response to Pascal Frantz, in this issue, p. 1421)BusinessPeel, David A., Pope, Peter F.
International stock market efficiency and integration: a study of eighteen nations.BusinessChan, Kam C., Gup, Benton E., Pan, Ming-Shiun
International transfer pricing for business operations in China: inducements, regulation and practice.BusinessChan, K. Hung, Chow, Lynne
Is stock market overreaction persistent over time?BusinessChen, Carl R., Sauer, David A.
Laboratory evidence on how managers intuitively value real growth options.BusinessHowell, Sydney D., Jagle, Axel J.
Microstructure and seasonality in the UK equity market.BusinessPaudyal, Krishna, Draper, Paul
Modelling takeover likelihood.BusinessPowell, Ronan G.
Models of capital investments with private information and incentives: a selective review.BusinessAntle, Rick, Fellingham, John
Multidivisional structure and productivity: the contingency of diversification strategy.BusinessRiahi-Belkaoui, Ahmed
Optimal bond refunding: a practical approach.BusinessSarkar, Sudipto
Ownership differences and firms' income smoothing behavior.BusinessCarlson, Steven J., Bathala, Chenchuramaiah T.
Pacific Rim stock market integration under different federal funds rate regimes.BusinessCheung, Daniel W.W.
Preliminary evidence on takeover target returns in Spain: A note.BusinessOcana, Carlos, Pena, J. Ignacio, Robles, Dolores
Relation between predisclosure information asymmetry and trading volume reaction around quarterly earnings announcements.BusinessLobo, Gerald J., Tung, Samuel
Share prices and macroeconomic factors.BusinessGroenewold, Nicolaas, Fraser, Patricia
Strategic auditor behavior and going-concern decision. (auditor-client relationship)BusinessSubramanyam, K.R., Tucker, Robert R., Matsumura, Ella Mae
Tax, corporate behaviour and the foreign income dividend scheme.BusinessGreen, Sue, Acker, Daniella, Ashton, David J.
Term structure of interest rates and implicit options: the case of Japanese bond futures.BusinessYu, Shang-Wu
The cost of bond covenant restrictions on the disposition of assets.BusinessPashley, Mary M., Krishnaswamy, C.R., Gilbert, Erika W.
The effect of federal reserve accounting rules on the equilibrium level of overnight repo rates.BusinessGriffiths, Mark D., Winters Drew B.
The effect of regulatory announcements on the cost of equity capital of British Telecom.BusinessAntoniou, Antonios, Pescetto, Gioia
The Garman-Ohlson structural system.BusinessTippett, Mark, Warnock, Teresa
The impact of dividends, debt and investment on valuation models.BusinessRees, William P.
The impact of portfolio diversification on trading rules profits: some evidence for UK share portfolios. (UK market index returns)BusinessSteeley, James M., Chelley-Steeley, Patricia L.
The incremental information content of accruals: evidence based on the exponential smoothing of levels and trends in pre-tax earnings, funds flow and cash flow.BusinessMcLeay, Stuart, Kassab, John, Helan, Mahmoud
The random walk hypothesis in the Spanish stock market: 1980-1992.BusinessBlasco, Natividad, Santamaria, Rafael, Del Rio, Cristina
The robustness of the APT to alternative estimators. (Arbitrage Pricing Theory)BusinessThomas, Stephen, Priestley, Richard, Clare, Andrew
The timing and subsequent performance of initial public offerings (IPOs) on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.BusinessPage, Michael J., Reyneke, Ivan
Transition period of mandated accounting changes - timing of adoption and economic consequences: the case of SFAS No. 13. (Statement of Financial Accounting Standards No. 13, Accounting for Leases by Lessees)BusinessEl-Gazzar, Samir M., Jaggi, Bikki L.
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