Journal of Business Finance and Accounting 1999 - Abstracts

Journal of Business Finance and Accounting 1999
Are there hot hands among mutual fund houses in Hong Kong?BusinessCheng, Louis T.W., Pi, Lynn K., Wort, Don
Asymmetric price and volatility adjustments in emerging Asian stock markets.BusinessKoutmos, Gregory
A test of the persistence in the performance of UK managed funds.BusinessAllen,D.E., Tan, M.L.
Auditor concentration: a replication and extension for the UK audit market 1991-1995.BusinessPong, Christopher K.M.
Corporate sales, equity trading, and risk.BusinessBlazenko, George W.
Corporate takeovers: Mode of payment, returns and trading activity.BusinessDraper, Paul, Paudyal, Krishan
Determinants of underwriter participation in initial public offerings of common stock: An empirical study.BusinessBae, Sung C., Klein, Daniel P., Bowyer, John W.
Developing a trading rule from the FTSE-100 stock index futures contract: evidence in support of the EMH.(Financial Times Stock Exchange)BusinessClare, A.D., Thomas, S.H., Buckle, M.J.
Do investors expect mean reversion in asset prices?BusinessFraser, Patricia, McKaig, Andrew J.
Earnings, cash flows and security returns over long return intervals: analysis and UK evidence.BusinessCharitou, Andreas, Clubb, Colin
Evaluating the financial performance of pension funds: an individual investor's perspective.BusinessKlumpes, Paul J.M., McCrae, Michael
Further evidence on insider selling prior to seasoned equity offering announcements: The role of growth opportunities.BusinessLiu, Feng-Ying, Gombola, Michael J., Lee, Hei Wai
Is the European capital market ready for the single currency?BusinessBowe, Michael, Myulonidis, Nikolaos
Majority and minority ownership of publicly-traded firms: a test of the value of control using market multiples.BusinessGraham, Roger C., Jr., Lefanowicz, Craig E.
Major world equity market interdependence a decade after the 1987 crash: evidence from cross spectral analysis.BusinessSmith, Kenneth L.
Non-linear dependence in stock returns: Does trading frequency matter?BusinessPaudyal, Krishna, Pope, Peter F., Yadav, Pradeep K.
Penetrating the book-to-market black box: the R&D effect.BusinessLev, Baruch, Sougiannis, Theodore
Quarterly earnings announcements and market risk adjustments.BusinessKross, William, Jerris, Scott I., Hsieh, Su-Jane
Restrictions on short-selling and futures dynamics.BusinessJiang, Li, Fung, Joseph K.W.
Survey and market-based evidence of industry-dependence in analysts' preferences between the dividend yield and price-earnings ratio valuation models.BusinessBarker, Richard G.
The accuracy and incremental information content of audit reports in predicting bankruptcy.BusinessLennox, Clive S.
The accuracy, bias and efficiency of analyst's long run earnings growth forecasts.BusinessHarris, Richard D.F.
The association between investment opportunity set proxies and realized growth.BusinessKallapur, Sanjay, Trombley, Mark A.
The effects of trading methods on volatility and liquidity: evidence from the Taiwan Stock Exchange.BusinessRhee, S. Ghon, Chang, Rosita P., Hsu, Shuh-Tzy, Huang, Nai-Kuan
The independent impact of credit rating changes - the case of Moody's rating refinement on yield premiums.BusinessSmith, Stanley D., Seyyed, Fazal J., Liu, Pu
The nature of board nominating committees and their role in corporate governance.BusinessVafeas, Nikos
The stock market reaction to investment announcements: The case of individual capital expenditure projects.BusinessPower, David M., Burton, Bruce M., Alasdair Lonie, A.
The transmission of pricing information of dually-listed stocks.BusinessCheung, Yan-Leung, Bae, Kee-Hong, Cha, Baeki
Valuing fixed-income options and mortgage-backed securities with alternative term structure models.BusinessYang, Tyler T., Chen, Ren-Raw, Maris, Brian A.
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