Journal of Comparative Economics 1998 - Abstracts

Journal of Comparative Economics 1998
A contribution to the theory of price regulations and commodity bundling with an application to the case of China.EconomicsJohnston, Richard S., Zhang, Zhengkun
A note on initial conditions and liberalization during transition.(Symposium: Exchange Rate Policies in Transition Economies)EconomicsKrueger, Gary, Ciolko, Marek
Balanced or unbalanced development: special economic zones as catalysts for transition.EconomicsYingyi Qian, Litwack, John M.
Bank efficiency in Croatia: a stochastic-frontier analysis.EconomicsTirtiroglu, Dogan, Kraft, Evan
Bureaucratic control and the soft budget constraint.EconomicsChong-en Bai, Wang, Yijang
Business cycle in Czechoslovakia under central planning: were credit shocks causing it?EconomicsBulir, Ales
Causes of the soft budget constraint: evidence on three explanations.EconomicsLi, David D., Liang, Minsong
Does ownership always matter? - evidence from the Indian banking industry.EconomicsSarkar, Subrata, Sarkar, Jayati, Bhaumik, Sumon K.
Do firms in transition economies have soft budget constraints? A reconsideration of concepts and evidence.EconomicsSchaffer, Mark E.
Employment and wage determination in China's rural industry: investigation using 1984-1990 panel data.EconomicsXiao-yuan Dong
Estimating investment functions based on cointegration: the case of China.EconomicsLiaxiang Sun
Exchange rate policy in transition economies: the case of Hungary.(Symposium: Exchange Rate Policies in Transition Economies)EconomicsJakab, Zoltan M., Szapary, Gyorgy
Exchange rate regimes and the stability of trade policy in transition economies.(Symposium: Exchange Rate Policies in Transition Economies)EconomicsBrada, Josef C., Drabek, Zdenek
Factor decomposition of Chinese rural income inequality: new methodology, empirical findings, and policy implications.EconomicsTsui Kai-yuen
Foreign direct investment and contract enforcement.(Symposium: Exchange Rate Policies in Transition Economies)EconomicsTao, Zhigang, Wang, Susheng
Job creation, job destruction, and growth of newly established, privatized, and state-owned enterprises in transition economies: survey evidence from Bulgaria, Hungary, and Romania.EconomicsKonings, Jozef, Bilsen, Valentijn
Macroeconomic fragility and exchange rate vulnerability: a cautionary record of transition economies.(Symposium: Exchange Rate Policies in Transition Economies)EconomicsDesai, Padma
Money demand in China: a disaggregate approach.EconomicsYingfeng Xu
Ownership structure and determinants of technical efficiency: an application of data envelopment analysis to Chinese enterprises (1986-1990).EconomicsBigsten, Arne, Jinghai Zheng, Xiaoxuan Liu
Ownership structure, lending bias, and liquidity constraints: evidence from Shanghai's manufacturing sector.EconomicsFung, Michael Ka Yiu, Chow, Clement Kong Wing
Pegging out: lessons from the Czech exchange rate crisis.(Symposium: Exchange Rate Policies in Transition Economies)EconomicsBegg, David
Productive efficiency during transition: evidence from Bulgarian panel data.EconomicsJones, Derek, Klinedinst, Mark, Rock, Charles
Quantifying price liberalization in Russia.(Symposium: Exchange Rate Policies in Transition Economies)EconomicsBerkowitz, Daniel, DeJong, David N., Husted, Steven
R & D competition in a mixed duopoly under uncertainty and easy imitation.(research and development)EconomicsPoyago-Theotoky, Joanna
Shares versus residual claimant contracts: the case of Chinese TVEs.(town and village enterprises)EconomicsPerrigne, Isabelle, Cheng Hsiao, Nugent, Jeffrey, Jicheng Qiu
Soft budget constraint and the optimal choices of research and development projects financing.EconomicsHuang, Haizhou, Xu, Chenggang
Soft budget constraints and banking in transition economies.EconomicsRoland, Gerard, Berglof, Erik
Static and dynamic productivity among Yugoslav enterprises: components and correlates.(Symposium: Exchange Rate Policies in Transition Economies)EconomicsFerrier, Gary D., Klinedinst, Mark, Linvill, Carl B.
Tariff reduction, tax replacement, and implications for income distribution in China.EconomicsZhi Wang, Fan Zhai
The equilibrium exchange rate of the Chinese Renminbi.EconomicsChou, W.L., Shih, Y.C.
The income of socialist upper classes during the transition to capitalism: evidence from longitudinal East German data.EconomicsBird, Edward J., Frick, Joachim R., Wagner, Gert G.
The macroeconomic effects of waiting workers in the Chinese economy.EconomicsXiangkang Yin
The place of the soft budget constraint syndrome in economic theory.EconomicsKornai, Janos
The "transition" in comparative economics.(Editorial)EconomicsBonin, John P.
The wage differential between nonprofit institutions and corporations: getting more by paying less?EconomicsKatz, Eliakim, Handy, Femida
The weather factor and variability in China's grain supply.EconomicsCarter, Colin A., Bin Zhang
Transient poverty in postreform rural China.EconomicsRavallion, Martin, Jalan, Jyotsna
Trends and inequalities of rural welfare in China: evidence from rural households in Guangdong and Sichuan.(Symposium: Exchange Rate Policies in Transition Economies)EconomicsKai-yuen, Tsui
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