Journal of Comparative Economics 2007 - Abstracts

Journal of Comparative Economics 2007
Allocating lawmaking powers: self-regulation vs government regulation.(Report)EconomicsMurrell, Peter, Grazjl, Peter
Are Russian commercial courts biased? Evidence from a bankruptcy law transplant.EconomicsSonin, Konstantin, Zhuravskaya, Ekaterina, Lambert-Mogiliansky, Ariane
Assessing the economic performance of North Korea, 1954-1989: esitmates and growth accounting analysis.(Report)EconomicsLee, Keun, Kim, Byung-Yeon, Kim, Suk Jin
Bank supervision Russian style: evidence of conflicts between micro- and macro prudential concerns.(Case study)EconomicsClaeys, Sophie, Schoors, Koen
Better off stateless: Somalia before and after government collapse.(Report)EconomicsLeeson, Peter T.
Central bank interventions, communication and interest rate policy in emerging European economies.EconomicsEgert, Balazs
Corporate governance and investment in Central and Eastern Europe.EconomicsMueller, Dennis C., Peev, Evgeni
Corruption around the world: evidence from a structural model.(Report)EconomicsMcCorriston, Steve, Kotsogiannis, Christos, Dreher, Axel
Culture rules: the foundations of the rule of law and other norms of governance.(Report)EconomicsLicht, Amir N., Goldschmidt, Chanan, Schwartz, Shalom H.
Does democracy increase crime? The evidence from international data.(Report)EconomicsLin, Ming-Jen
Economic growth in the presence of FDI: The perspective of newly industrialising economies.EconomicsYao, Shujie, Wei, Kailei
Elections, fiscal reform and public goods provision in rural China.(Report)EconomicsZhang, Linxiu, Rozelle, Scott, Huang, Jikun, Luo, Renfu
Employment policy and corporate governance - an empirical comparison of the stakeholder and profit maximization model.EconomicsShimizutani, Satoshi, Abe, Naohito
Exchange and interest rate channels during a deflationary era-Evidence from Japan, Hong Kong and China.EconomicsMehrotra, Aaron N.
Finance and inequality: channels and evidence.(Report)EconomicsPerotti, Enrico, Claessens, Stijin
Foreign direct investment and macroeconomic risk.(Report)EconomicsJinjarak, Yothin
Foreign direct investment in European transition economies - the role of policies.EconomicsDemekas, Dimitri G., Horvath, Balazs, Ribakova, Elina, Wu, Yi
How does FDI affect China? Evidence from industries and provinces.(foreign direct investment)(Report)EconomicsRan, Jimmy, Voon, Jan P., Guangzhong Li
Inequality and growth: what does the transition economy data say? .Economics 
Intrinsic motivation in open source software development.EconomicsSchroder, Philipp J.H., Bitzer, Jurgen, Schrettl, Wolfram
Juries and the political economy of legal origin.EconomicsRoe, Mark J.
Legal origin?EconomicsKlerman, Daniel, Maloney, Paul G.
Measuring legal systems.(Report)EconomicsRosenthal, Howard
Modeling transformation in CEECs using smooth transitions.(Central and Eastern Europe)EconomicsStehrer, Robert, Foster, Neil
Overruling and the instability of law.EconomicsShleifer, Andrei, Gennaioli, Nicola
Pitfalls to avoid when measuring institutions: is doing business damaging business?(Report)EconomicsArrunada, Benito
Political labor market, government policy, and stability of a non-democratic regime.(Report)EconomicsLazarev, Valery
Political uncertainty's effect on judicial recruitment and retention: Japan in the 1990s.EconomicsRamseyer, J. Mark, Rasmussen, Eric B.
Privatization and output behavior during the transition: methods matter!EconomicsGouret, Fabian
Self-selection and wages during volatile transition.(Report)EconomicsGang, Ira N., Dimova, Ralitza
Tax morale and conditional cooperation .EconomicsFrey, Bruno S., Torgler, Benno
The effects of bonus systems on firm performance in Taiwan's high-tech sector.EconomicsShen, Chung-Hua, Han, Tzu-Shian
The soft budget constraint of banks.EconomicsJulan Du, David D. Li
When do creditor rights work?(Report)EconomicsSafavian, Mehnaz, Sharma, Siddharth
When do female occupations pay more?(gender wage gap )EconomicsJurajda, Stepan, Harmgart, Heike
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