Journal of Drug Issues - Abstracts

Journal of Drug Issues
Advances and redirections in understanding effects of fetal drug exposure.Sociology and social workSinger, Lynn T.
HIV, AIDS, and drug abuse in the international sector.Sociology and social workInciardi, James A., Harrison, Lana D.
Introduction(Drug Users As Risk Reduction Agents)Sociology and social work 
Pathways and obstacles in drug use measurement: editors' introduction.Sociology and social workFendrich, Michael, Miller, Peter V.
Preventing AIDS among drug users: evaluating efficacy.(Evaluating the Efficacy of HIV Prevention Among Drug Users: Models, Methods, and Measures)Sociology and social workSinger, Merrill, Needle, Richard
The "golden age" of Dutch drug policy?(Windmills in Their Minds? Drug Policy and Research in the Netherlands)Sociology and social workBullington, Bruce
The heraldry of heroin: "dope stamps" and the dynamics of drug markets in New York City.(Statistical Data Included)Sociology and social workWendel, Travis, Curtis, Ric
To covary or not to covary: what is the question?Sociology and social workLester, Barry
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