Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 1983 - Abstracts

Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 1983
A Bioeconomic Model of an International Fishery.Environmental services industryCrutchfield, S.R.
Alternative Policy Instruments under Uncertainty: A Programming Model of Toxic Pollution Control.Environmental services industryMorgan, P.J.
An Economic Model of Soil Conservation/Depletion.Environmental services industryClark, J.S., Furtan, W.H.
A Note on the Measurement of Agglomeration Economics with Compensation for Urban Disamenities.Environmental services industryGarofalo, G.A., Fogarty, M.S.
Direct Empirical Estimation of Efficiency in Secondary Materials Markets: The Case of Steel Scrap.Environmental services industryO'Neill, W.D.
On Marketable Air-Pollution Permits: The Case for a System of Pollution Offsets.Environmental services industryKrupnick, A.J., Oates, W.E., Van De Verg, E.
Optimal Harvesting of Ecologically Interdependent Fish Species.Environmental services industryHannesson, R.
Optimal Quasi-Market Choice in the Presence of Pollution Externalities.Environmental services industryCollinge, R.A., Bailey, M.J.
The Contribution of L.C. Gray to the Economic Theory of Exhaustible Natural Resources and its Roots in the History of Economic Thought.Environmental services industryCrabbe, P.J.
The Effects of Air Pollution on Work Loss and Morbidity.Environmental services industryOstro, B.D.
The Fishery in a Fluctuating Environment.Environmental services industryMcKelvey, R.
Transferable Discharge Permits and Economic Efficiency.Environmental services industryMoore, C., O'Neil, W., David, M., Joeres, E.
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