Journal of International Marketing 2004 - Abstracts

Journal of International Marketing 2004
Assessing national identity in Russia between generations using the national identity scale.Business, internationalThelen, Shawn T., Honeycutt, Earl D. Jr.
A strategic approach to internationalization: a traditional versus a oborn-globalo approach.Business, internationalCampbell-Hunt, Colin, Chetty, Sylvie
A Study of the service encounter in eight countries.Business, internationalHult, G. Tomas M., Keillor, Bruce D., Kandemir, Destan
Consequences of Sales Management's Behavior- and Compensation-Based Control Strategies in Developing Countries.Business, internationalCravens, David W., Low, George S., Piercy, Nigel F.
Curbing foreign distributor opportunism: an examination of trust, contracts, and the legal environment in international channel relationships.Business, internationalDeligonul, Seyda, Cavusgil, S. Tamer, Zhang, Chun
Exploring the marketing program antecedents of performance in a global company.Business, internationalCavusgil, S. Tamer, Yeniyurt, Sengun, Townsend, Janell D., Deligonul, Z. Seyda
International Market Entry: Does the Home Country Affect Entry-Mode Decisions?Business, internationalMayrhofer, Ulrike
Knowledge acquisition and performance of international joint ventures in the transition of Vietnam.Business, internationalErramilli, M. Krishna, Tsang, Eric W. K., Nguyen, Duc Tri
Learning about foreign markets: are entrant firms exposed to a oshock effecto?Business, internationalPedersen, Torben, Petersen, Bent
Measuring global brand equity using cross-national survey data.(developing a survey method)Business, internationalHsieh, Ming-Huei
Real differences between local nd international brands: strategic implications for international marketers.Business, internationalSchuiling, Isabelle, Kapferer, Jean-Noel
Retail pricing strategies in recession economies: the case of Taiwan.Business, internationalChou, Ting-Jui, Chen, Fu-Tang
Service Quality Perceptions and Customer Satisfaction: Evaluating the Role of Culture.Business, internationalLaroche, Michel, Cleveland, Mark, Ueltschy, Linda C., Abe, Shuzo, Yannopoulos, Peter P.
The effects of customer relationships and social capital on firm performance: a Chinese business illustration.Business, internationalGriffith, David A., Luo, Xueming, Liu, Sandra S., Shi, Yi-Zheng
The Impact of Control on International Joint Venture Performance: A Contingency Approach.Business, internationalPangarkar, Nitin, Klein, Saul
The impact of E-commerce on entry-mode strategies of service firms: a conceptual framework and research propositions.Business, internationalSivakumar, K., Ekeledo, Ikechi
The relationships among quality, cost, value and use of export market information: an empirical study.Business, internationalToften, Kjell, Olsen, Svein Ottar
The STEP scale: a measure of short-term export performance improvement.Business, internationalLages, Luis Filipe, Lages, Cristiana Raquel
Tigers, dragons, and others: profiling high performance in Asian firms.Business, internationalDeshpande, Rohit, Farley, John U., Bowman, Douglas
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