Journal of Occupational Behavior - Abstracts

Journal of Occupational Behavior
A Fairer Examination of Rating Scales when Used for Performance Appraisal in a Real Organization Setting.Human resources and labor relationsTziner, A.
Age Grading: The Implicit Organizational Timetable.Human resources and labor relationsLawrence, B.S.
Career Dynamics in a Steelworks of the Future.Human resources and labor relationsHedberg, B.O.
Coping With Advanced Manufacturing Technology.Human resources and labor relationsBlumberg, M., Gerwin, D.
Culture As an Environmental Context for Careers.Human resources and labor relationsSchein, E.H.
Engineering as a Life-Long Career: Its Meaning, its Satisfactions, its Difficulties.Human resources and labor relationsBailyn, L., Lynch, J.T.
Family Structure, Job Characteristics, Rewards and Strains as Related to Work-Role Centrality of Employed and Self-Employed Professional Women and Children.Human resources and labor relationsMannheim, B., Schiffrin, M.
Flexitime and Conjugal Roles.Human resources and labor relationsLee, R.A.
Irish Entrepreneurs: Some Personal Characteristics.Human resources and labor relationsCromie, S., Johns, S.
Job Design and Technology: A Sociotechnical Systems Perspective.Human resources and labor relationsPierce, J.L.
Persectives on Environment and Career: An Introduction.Human resources and labor relationsArthur, M.B., Lawrence, B.S.
Personal, Nonwork and Work Characteristics in Male and Female Absence Behavior.Human resources and labor relationsSmulders, P.G.
Social Movements, the Occupational Arena and Changes in Career Consciousness: The Case of Women Flight Attendants.Human resources and labor relationsLessor, R.
Stress Reactions in Computerized Administrative Work.Human resources and labor relationsJohansson, G, Aronsson, G
The Changing Pictures of the Relationship Between Career and Family.Human resources and labor relationsEvans, P., Bartolome, F.
The Derivation of Job Designs.Human resources and labor relationsClegg, C.W.
The Design of Flexible Work Schedules and Employee Responses: Relationships and Process.Human resources and labor relationsPierce, J.L., Newstrom, J.W.
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