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Journal of Personality
Cardiovascular reactivity and neuroticism: results from a laboratory and controlled ambulatory stress protocol.Psychology and mental healthSuls, Jerry, Schwebel, David C.
Genetic and environmental influences on individual differences in masculinity, femininity, and gender diagnosticity: analyzing data from a classic twin study.Psychology and mental healthLippa, Richard, Hershberger, Scott
Goal imager: bridging the gap between implicit motives and explicit goals.Psychology and mental healthSchultheiss, Oliver C., Brunstein, Joachim C.
Historiometry and a historic life. (response to articles by N.W. Read and N. Nasby and W.F Velicer and B.A. Plummer in this issue, pp. 467 and 477)Psychology and mental healthSimonton, Dean Keith
Individual differences in reactivity to daily events: examining the roles of stability and level of self-esteem.Psychology and mental healthGreenier, Keegan D., Kernis, Michael H., McNamarra, Connie W., Waschull, Stefanie B., Berry, Andrea J., Herlocker, Caryn E., Abend, Teresa A.
In search of personality: reflections on the case of King George. (response to article by D.K. Simonton in this issue, p. 443)Psychology and mental healthNasby, William, Read, Nancy W.
Personality and temperament correlates of marital satisfaction.Psychology and mental healthMehrabian, Albert, Blum, Jeffrey S.
Personality traits in late adolescence predict mental disorders in early adulthood: a prospective-epidemiological study.Psychology and mental healthKrueger, Robert F.
Values as moderator in subjective well-being.Psychology and mental healthOishi, Shigehiro, Lucas, Richard E., Diener, Ed, Suh, Eunkook
Where do we go from here?(studies on defense mechanisms)Psychology and mental healthVaillant, George E.
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