Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference - Abstracts

Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference
A Characterization of a Universally Optimal Design within a Class of Block Designs.BusinessHedayat, A.
Estimating the Probability of Winning (Losing) in a Gambler's Ruin Problem with Applications.BusinessGupta, R.C.
Estimation of the Variance Between Units of Given Size from Experimental Data.BusinessGenizi, A., Lehav, E., Putter, J.
Large Sample Theory of the Langevin Distribution.BusinessWatson, G.S.
Minimal 2-Coverings of a Finite Affine Space Based on GF(2).BusinessKatona, G., Srivastava, J.
Minimizing the Expected Sample Range.BusinessSamuel-Cahn, E.
Non-Parametric Recursive Estimates of a Probability Density Function and its Derivatives.BusinessMenon V.V., Prasad, B., Singh, R.S.
On a Robustness Property of PBIBD.BusinessGhosh, S., Rao, S.B., Singhi, N.M.
On Optimality of Double Sampling Strategies with Varying Probabilities.BusinessChaudhuri, A., Adhikary, A.K.
On the D-Optimality of Group Divisible Designs.BusinessJacroux, M.
On the Influence Curve for Quantal Bioassay.BusinessJames, B.R., James, K.L.
On Uniform Approximation of Poisson Variates by Normal Ones.BusinessRosenblatt, J., Jackson, D.L., Dole, W.P., Thompson, W.L.
Optimality of Blue's in a General Linear Model with Incorrect Design Matrix.BusinessMathew, T., Bhimasankaram, P.
Optimal Weighing Designs with a String Property.BusinessSinha, B.K., Saha, R.
Orderings of Linear Models.BusinessTorgersen, E.
Properties of Occurrence-Exposure Rate Processes in Multiple Decrement Theory.BusinessGardiner, J.C.
Quadratic Estimation in Mixed Linear Models with Two Variance Components.BusinessGnot, S., Kleffe, J.
Resolvable Systems of 8-Tuples.BusinessRokowska, B.
Robust Designs and Optimality of Least Squares for Regression Problems.BusinessPesotchinsky, L.
Sequential and Two-Stage Procedures for Selecting the Better Exponential Population Covering the Case of Unknown and Unequal Scale Parameters.BusinessMukhopadhyay, N.
Some Locally Optimal Subset Selection Rules for Comparison with a Control.BusinessHuang, D.Y., Panchapakesan, S., Tseng, S.T.
Unbiased Statistical Estimation Functions for Parameters in Presence of Nuisance Parameters.BusinessChandrasekar, B., Kale, B.K.
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